Thanksgiving Games and Centers for Kindergarten

Well hello there November! You snuck up on me. Don't you think October, November, and December are some of the best months in the classroom? (And for in general!)

For one, students have learned the class rules and expectations also procedures and routines are more second nature. Then there's all the fun holiday and seasonal festivities.

Today I'm sharing some fun Thanksgiving games and centers for Kindergarten. I hope you'll love these activities as much as I do!

Beginning Sounds Turkey Feathers Freebie

For this activity, students will select a beginning sounds feather. Then, they will find the beginning sound picture on their paper and color it using the same color as the feather. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a link.

Ways to Make 10 Turkey Craft Freebie

As a class, make a list of the ways to make 10. Write them somewhere students can see them, such as on the board or on chart paper.

Students will choose two colors to color the dots on the feathers to show a way to make 10. They will cut out the turkey and feathers and attach them using glue. You can have students glue the craft to a piece of construction paper, like in the example about. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to grab your free copy.

“Interactive” Math and Literacy Centers for November

It's important to keep learning fun and engaging during the holiday season. You still have to teach but your students are thinking of Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving, Elves, Santa, and getting a break from school.

So to help you keep learning in full swing in your classroom, here's a sneak peek at the November edition of November Roll and Spin Centers!

Why are they called Roll and Spin centers? I'm glad you asked! All of these centers are interactive, meaning students will roll a pocket cube or spin a spinner to determine what “question” they answer.

This resource is packed with 30 consistent and predictable (but not boring) activities. The activities are consistent, so students will know how to complete them without needing directions each time.

I promise your kids will have so much fun with spinners and cubes, that they won't realize they are learning!

By the time November rolls around, you may find that your students are several different levels. Some students are reading CVC words, others are working on letter sounds, while others are working on letter recognition.

In the November copy of Roll and Spin centers, you'll find a wide variety of literacy skills ranging from letter recognition to simple sentences. Additional literacy literacy skills include beginning sounds, ending sounds, syllables, onset and rime, short a words, short e word families, and more.

You'll be set for math activities with this resource. These will truly take the stress out of finding and planning for math centers, because they are done for you. They'll save you time because there isn't a lot of prep work involved.

As with literacy, you'll find a wide variety of math skills included as well. Skills include counting sets to 10, number order to 10, one less, one more, ways to make 5, counting by 10s, 2D shape attributes, and more.

Aside from a spinner or cube, students only need crayons and a pencil to complete these activities. For the writing activities, you can use colored pencils or markers if you'd like.

With 15 literacy activities and 15 math activities, not only will you be set for the entire month, you'll also be equipped with activities to reach every student in your classroom.

Each center comes with a teacher directions page, making them great for stations with classroom helpers. They also come with “I Can” visual directions” for students.

Grab these math and literacy centers. They're quick prep, which is perfect for busy teachers!

Download the Beginning Sounds Turkey freebie and the Ways to Make 10 Turkey freebie by clicking here.

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