Halloween Mini Eraser Activities

I was at Target the other day and was greeted by an entire bin FULL of Halloween Mini Erasers. I mean, it was packed full. This almost always never happens. To find mini erasers usually involves many trips to different Targets. But not this time. This was one stop shopping.

And since candy day is right around the corner, I wanted to share with you some Halloween mini eraser activities that I whipped up for you. I think students love mini erasers almost as much as teachers. So these activities are sure to keep your learners learning and having fun in the midst of this crazy holiday.

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Before I share the activities with you, let me begin by saying if you don't have these Halloween mini erasers, don't worry! You can use plastic math cubes as well. Or you can find these pumpkin erasers or these mixed Halloween erasers on Amazon.

The Halloween mini eraser activities are really simple to prep. They are all on one page, so all you need to do is print. Yep, that's it. There's not even any cutting involved!

Halloween Mini Eraser Activities

The first Halloween mini eraser activity is Find and Cover. This is great for students who are still learning letter names or are maybe struggling to differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters. Students will use green and purple manipulatives to sort the uppercase and lowercase letters.

Next we have Build a Tower, an easy addition to your math rotation. Or maybe you'd like to use this for morning work tubs or fast finisher activities. Students will identify the number on the mat and count out that many manipulatives and place them on the mat.

This is game is one of my favorite Halloween mini eraser activities. I made an apple version which you can find here. Players will need a dot cube and 20 manipulatives to cover their board. Each player will need their own game mat.

Before the game begins, players will place each of their 20 manipulatives on their game mat, one per white circle. To decide which player begins the game, players will take turns rolling the dot cube once. The player who rolls the larger number goes first.

To Play: Players will take turns rolling the dot cube and counting to determine the number they rolled. They will remove that many pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. Players will continue to take turns rolling and removing until the first player removes all of the pumpkins.

To remove all of the pumpkins, the player must roll the exact number needed. For example, if a player has two pumpkins left on their game board, they must roll a two to win the game.

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  1. Thank you kindly for creating the printables to match the Target Halloween mini eraser collection. I have them all and can’t wait to use the printables for fun themed learning activities. I just signed up for your e-newsletter and will be on the lookout out for future mini collection printables. I have plenty of erasers. You rock!!

  2. Thank you! I also found a full bin of mini erasers and was hoping some kind soul would make up some center activities! I know my kids will love these and they are perfect for our needs at this point in the year.

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