Apple Math Game Freebie

I just wanted to pop in real quick to share with you this Pick the Apple math game freebie. It's perfect for apple week, or really any time during the fall months.

Students play with a partner, which helps to build team work, problem solving skills – and even learning how to wait our turn. All of the things that are important to practice early in the school year.

Plus you're able to sneak in some math practice, so it's a win-win!

Pick the Apple Math Game FreebieTo prepare this activity, simply print and laminate the game mats (each player will need their own). Players will need a dot cube and 20 manipulatives to cover their board.

You can use plastic math cubes, mini erasers, or pom-poms. I got these adorable apple erasers on Amazon. You can use my affiliate link to check out these apple mini erasers on Amazon.

How to Play Pick the Apple Math Game

Before the game begins players will use erasers or manipulatives to cover all of the white circles on their game mat.

Players will take turns rolling the dot cube and counting to determine the number they rolled. They will pick/remove that many apples from the tree.

Players will continue to take turns rolling and picking apples until the first player removes all of the apples from their tree. To remove all of the apples, the player must roll the exact number needed. For example, if a player has two apples left on their game board, they must roll a two to win the game.

But Who Picks the Apple First?

Great question! I think the easiest way to decide who goes first is to have each player roll the dot cube once. The player who rolls the larger number goes first. If they both roll the same number, roll again! Easy peasy.

Click on the image below to download your copy of the Pick the Apple freebie.

Pick the Apple Math Game Freebie

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Pick the Apple Math Game Freebie

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