Halloween Counting and Subitizing Freebie

Today I wanted to stop by and share this free subitizing Halloween math game. It's fun, easy to prep, and perfect for the month of October. Your kindergarten students will have a blast playing Roll, Count, and Cover with these activity mats.

Free Roll, Count, and Cover Halloween Math Game for Kindergarten

What is Subitizing?

If you're not familiar with subitizing, it's a fancy name for quickly being able to recognize “how many” without actually counting. It's an important skill that, once mastered, will help students become successful mini mathematicians.

One of the first ways you can introduce subitizing to your students is through the use of dot cubes {aka dice}.

How to Play the Halloween Math Game

For this Halloween math game, students roll the dot cube and identify the number they rolled. They find a matching candy corn on their game board and cover it. They continue rolling and covering the pictures until all of the spaces have been covered.

Of course, if your student(s) or child is just learning to count, this is a great game to simply introduce counting and one-to-one correspondence. By all means, allow your little one to point and count as they identify the numbers.

Free Roll, Count, and Cover Halloween Math Game for Kindergarten

Ways to Differentiate the Halloween Math Game

If you're wanting to use this math game during your Halloween party, you could have students play with a partner.

Supply each student with a different set of manipulatives to cover their answers. If a student rolls a number and all of the corresponding candy corns have been covered, that player loses a turn.

Once all of the candies have been covered, the player with the most spaces covered wins the game.

I've also included a version using two dot cubes. This one encourages students to add the numbers together. This version would be great for your little mathematicians that are ready for higher numbers. It would also be perfect for first grade math stars!

Free Roll, Count, and Cover Halloween Math Game for Kindergarten

Click here to download your freebie.

If you're looking for more Halloween ideas, check out this post. It has some great read aloud ideas, games, and more freebies.

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