Free Thanksgiving Emergent Readers

I've put together a set of four free Thanksgiving Emergent Readers and wanted to share them with you. The mini readers feature a predictable text, which will help make your little learners feel successful. As a bonus, they are great for building vocabulary for students who make not be familiar with some fall or Thanksgiving words.

Thanksgiving time in Kindergarten is so much fun! Of course there is the festivities that go with the season, but one of the best parts is the obvious growth students are making.

These little guys that first stepped foot in your classroom just a few months ago are really started to show progress. Most of them, by now, have learned letter names and letter sounds. But there's a good chance they've already picked up on a few sight words. By now they might even be able to read some simple sentences.

Thanksgiving Mini Readers Freebie

These emergent readers are so simple to put together. There's no prep work required, which is great for this busy time of year. Just print one for each of your little readers. There's not cutting, gluing, or stapling required.

Students first fold the books in half, long ways. I have always called this a “hot dog” fold in my classroom – because the paper becomes long and a hot dog. There is a line on the book to help students know where to fold.

Next they take the book and fold it again on the other line. I call this a hamburger fold.

There is a place on the front cover for students to write the name. The pictures are in black and white, so students can color them and really take ownership of their book.

You'll notice three stars on the front of these Thanksgiving emergent readers, right above where students write their name. These stars are to help student keep track of how many times they read the book. Once they read the book, they color a star.

You can also have students use a yellow crayon or highlighter to focus on or find a particular sight word.

These are great little books for students to take home and read to their families. Or if you have parents come in for Thanksgiving festivities, you can leave the emergent readers on the table for students to read to their parents before or after the main event.

You can download your copy of the free Thanksgiving emergent readers by filling out the form below. It'll be delivered straight to your inbox!

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  1. I think these are so cute, and I LOVE the stars on the front. I call books like these “mini homework” and tell the kids they have to read it 3 times to someone at home. This is perfect! Such a great idea!

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