Tips for Using Write the Room Activities in Kindergarten

Write the Room activities are a great way to differentiate and get your students active and having fun while learning. These activities are easy to prep and implement and are a great way to work on multiple skills, such as reading, writing, vocabulary, phonics, handwriting, and attention to detail, all at the same time.

Read on for more teacher-tested tips and tricks for using Write the Room activities in kindergarten. To learn more about getting started with Write the Room in kindergarten, check out this blog post.

Letter hunt write the room activities

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Tips for Managing Write the Room

Just like any classroom center, there is a little bit of management that goes into using Write the Room activities. However, all of the hard work doesn't have to fall on you as the teacher.

One of the biggest parts of managing the Write the Room center is switching out the vocabulary picture cards. Instead of doing this yourself, you can train your students to switch out the Write the Room cards.

It will save you time and give students a special job to do that they'll feel excited about. Plus, it helps teach them responsibility.

You can make it a weekly classroom job for one student to switch out the cards all week. It can also be a team of 2-3 students working together to switch out the cards.

Whether you use glue dots, clothespins, or clips to secure the cards, keep them at eye-level so the students can easily reach them.

Model how to remove and attach the cards gently and where to place the cards after they are removed.

This student or team of students can also ensure all materials and props are put back neatly in the Write the Room area after finishing the center.

Tips for Making Write the Room Activities More Fun

Write the Room is an engaging activity in and of itself. However, the opportunities to make it even more fun for students are endless.

Check out these tips and ideas for switching up this center and making it more exciting for students!

Turn it Into a Treasure Hunt

Once students have gotten the hang of the Write the Room activities, change it up and hang the cards in different places around the room.

You may not want to use clips for this version, otherwise you'll have them glued all over your room.

Your students will be excited to go on a treasure hunt to search for and find the hidden words.

It's important to remind students of the “no-go zones” (like behind your desk) in the classroom and that only one student can work on a card at a time.

Bonus points if you give students a fun magnifying glass to use while they hunt for words.

Add Fun Props for a Fancy Version

Speaking of magnifying glasses, adding fun props for a fancy version of Write the Room is a great way to engage your students.

Have a supply of headbands, fun glasses, boas, pointers, and other dress-up items for students to wear as they explore.

You can easily switch it up by adding different writing utensils as well. You can use pens, smelly markers, themed pencils, etc.

Allow students to pick one special writing utensil or marker to use while completing the Write the Room center instead of switching for each word.

Spot the Words

Another fun way to switch up Write the Room activities is to turn off the light and find words by flashlight. Students will move around the room and “spot” the word before writing it.

Snowman write the room activities

Tips for Differentiating Write the Room Activities

Just as there are different ways to make Write the Room more fun, there are also several ways to differentiate Write the Room activities.

Repurpose Last Week's Cards Into a Word Work Station

Use last week's Write the Room cards as this week's word work station. Add magnetic letters or play dough and have students read the word on the card and spell the word with magnetic letters or play dough.

This is a great way to differentiate these activities as students are already familiar with the words from the previous week.

Differentiate the Recording Sheets

To accommodate all of your students and their various levels, differentiate the recording sheets by using lined spaces for students who are ready to write on the lines and blank spaces for students who aren't ready for that just yet.

These Write the Room activities come with both versions of recording sheets for each of the 52 themes.

Switch Up Your Groupings

You can also differentiate Write the Room by having students complete this center in various groupings.

They can complete the activities independently, with a partner, or in a small group of 3-4 students. You can switch between mixed ability groups and same-level groups.

Highlight Vowels

You can also differentiate Write the Room and turn it into a phonics activity by having students use a highlighter to highlight the vowels in the words they found around the room.

Write the Room activities

Tips for Challenging Students With Write the Room Activities

If your students are ready for more of a challenge, check out these ideas for extending the learning with Write the Room activities.

  • Supply students with magnetic letters or letter tiles and have them build the words once they have completed the activity. 
  • Give students a highlighter and have them highlight the beginning sounds on their recording sheet or highlight the letters they know.
  • Read the words on their recording sheet to a partner once they have completed the activity.
  • If your students have already mastered beginning sounds, use a sticky note to cover the beginning letter on the picture cards so they have to identify and write the beginning sound independently.
  • Have students draw and label their favorite picture on the back of their recording sheet.
  • Give students pointers to point and spell the word before they write it. This encourages letter identification practice.
  • Print a duplicate set of Write the Room cards for the theme. Cut the picture and word apart and have students match the word to the picture once they have completed their recording sheet. 

Ideas for Early Finishers

You might find that Write the Room takes less time than other centers in your rotation, so it's a good idea to make sure students know what to do if they finish early. Here are a few ideas for your Write the Room early finishers.

Read the Room

Students can get a pointer and walk around the room to “Read the Room.” They can read the picture cards or other environmental print around the classroom.

Go Back and Spell the Word

Students can revisit each picture card to read and spell the word. Students walk around the classroom with a fun pointer, read the word, and then spell the word quietly to themselves.

You can have students challenge themselves by closing their eyes and trying to remember the letters to spell the word. They can also do this with a partner and have them check to see if they spell it correctly.

Write a Sentence and Draw a Picture of a Word

Students can choose one of the words around the room to draw a picture of and write a sentence on the back of their recording sheet.

Color the Pictures

Another simple idea for early finishers is to have them color the pictures on their recording sheet. Sometimes a little creative outlet is just what kids need.

pets and pirates write the room activities

Write the Room Activities for the Year

Write the Room is one of those staple literacy centers that you can have in your classroom all year long. You can easily change up the activities and cards to match the theme, season, or holiday.

I've done all the planning for you by putting together a year-long Write the Room activities bundle. This bundle includes 52 different themes, which is more than enough to change out the theme every week!

There are two different versions of recording sheets included to make differentiating a breeze. There is an option to write in a box for beginning writers or on a primary handwriting line for more advanced writers.

If you're ready to add Write the Room to your literacy center line-up all year long, click here to grab the Write the Room bundle!

Earth Day write the room activities

Write the Room is an engaging, active way for students to work on letter recognition, learn new vocabulary words, and practice their fine motor skills. Plus, kinesthetic learners will love being able to get up and move around the room.

There are so many ways to make literacy fun for kindergarteners, and Write the Room is definitely one of those ways.

Let me know in the comments below, which Write the Room tip stuck out the most to you?

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