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Easter Egg Literacy Activities for Kindergarten {Freebies Included!}

Yesterday I shared some math activities using plastic eggs. You can find that post HERE. Today I'm back sharing some Easter egg literacy activities.

Even though these activities use Easter eggs, you could use them anytime during spring…even after the holiday has passed. Kiddos love these plastic little eggs.

As a kid, I remember playing with them for weeks after the Easter bunny left them. Times haven't changed much…kids are still doing it! So let's take advantage of that and sneak in some learning!!

Literacy Activities with Easter Eggs

There's literacy activities for every level included in this blog post. From alphabet letter recognition to CVC words. There's something for everyone!

Literacy Skill: CVC Words

This CVC activity will have your little bunnies spelling and reading simple words. Students open the egg and unscramble the letter cards to spell a CVC word. They find the matching picture and write the CVC word underneath.

I'll put a link to the recording sheets towards the bottom of this post. You can use the enclosed CVC word cards or for an extra challenge, put magnetic letters in the eggs and have your kids unscramble the word.

This CVC activity is similar to the one above, however with this activity students are drawing the pictures. They open the egg and read the CVC word. They write the word on the line and draw a picture to match. I love doing these types of activities because the drawings they come up with are so fun to see!

Literacy Skill: Word Families

For this activity program four eggs with word families. Write the word family on the bottom portion of the egg and letters on the top.

Students will twist the top to read the word. If it's a real word, they will write the word on the line. If it's not, they just keep scrolling.

Literacy Skill: Sight Words

For this sight word match up, you'll write the word on the tops and bottom of eggs. This activity can easily be differentiated by using different colors for the tops and bottoms. Or you could scramble the letters on the top of the egg and have students match to the bottom, where the word is written correctly.

You could also use this same activity to match uppercase and lowercase letters or CVC and CVCe words. For instance on the top you might write the word cap and on the bottom egg write cape.

For this sight word activity, you'll want to type out the sight words on the themed cards. Then for each word, put corresponding magnetic letters in the eggs. Students open the egg and unscramble the letters to spell a sight word.

You can display the sight word cards on a pocket chart or at the table so students can refer to them for help, if they needed.

For this sight word activity, you'll use the themed cards – however, instead of using magnetic letters, you can use little egg letters instead. The activity is completed the same way, just with egg cards instead of magnetic letters.

Literacy Skill: Letter Matching

This activity is like an Easter egg hunt in the classroom! Well…kinda. Put one letter in each egg and put the eggs in a basket. Kiddos are so excited to see what's in the egg! After they open the egg and identify the letter, they match it to the uppercase letter on the mat.

Literacy Skill: Real and Nonsense Words

For this activity write several letters around the top of the eggs. Write one ending word family on the bottoms. Students read the onset and rime to determine if it is a real word or a nonsense word.

Have them make two columns on their white boards or paper and write the real words on one side and nonsense words on the other.

This activity is similar to the one I shared above. It's great practice for onset and rime. On the top of the egg write a beginning sound. On the bottom of the egg write word families.

Students turn the tops of the eggs to match the onset and rime. They read the words and write down the real words.

Literacy Skill: Rhyming Words

For this activity students match the tops and bottoms of eggs to make rhyming pairs. They record their answers on the lines.

For step-by-step directions, check out this video:

Click here to grab the recording sheets.

Thanks for stopping by and reading all about the Easter egg literacy activities! Leave me a comment below telling me how you use plastic eggs in the classroom!

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  1. Good morning. Thank you for sharing such great ideas. Last year, I did a CVC relay race with my class. I have a magnetic dry erase board in the front of my classroom. I took several plastic eggs and put 3 magnetic letters in them. I divided the eggs into 2 different baskets and divided the students into 2 teams with a basket beside them. The first child on each team grabbed an egg, ran to the front of the room, cracked open their egg and spelled a CVC word on their half of the board. they then ran and tagged the next person in their line. the first team to spell all of their words won a small prize. The other team still wanted to break their eggs and spell their words too though. Also, we did a similar math relay game. Each egg had 1 addition or subtraction flashcard in it. they had to crack open the egg and solve it on the board before they could tag the next person in line on their team

  2. Thank you for this wonderful resource! The students in my kindergarten class are going to love playing with Easter eggs, and they will be learning at the same time! Double win! All of the resources on your blog are such high quality. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi,
    I love the literacy activities. Where can I get the recording sheets?
    When I click the get recording sheets at the bottom of this page, it gives me the math recording sheets but not the ELA ones
    Thank you

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