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Printable alphabet worksheets with a variety of alphabet letter practice activities included

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This set of alphabet worksheets will help students practice a variety of skills such as: sorting uppercase and lowercase letters, handwriting and letter formation, beginning sounds, and environmental print. There are 26 pages included, one for each letter of the alphabet.

There's no prep work involved. Simply print the alphabet worksheets that you’d like your students to practice. Students will need a pencil and crayons, markers, or colored pencils for this activity.

Students identify and decorate the letters at the top. They can decorate them using polka dots, stripes, small stickers, etc.

Next students identify the uppercase and lowercase letters and color or dab with a bingo dabber. They can use one color or use a different color for uppercase and lowercase.

Next students will trace the uppercase and lowercase letters. You can have them use a pencil, marker, or rainbow write the letters.

They will color the pictures that begin with the target letter. You can have them use a yellow crayon to highlight the letter at the beginning of each word.

The last activity included in these alphabet worksheets is sorting and coloring the letters by uppercase and lowercase. These letters are presented in a variety of fonts, similar to how the letter would look in environmental print. They will use one color for the uppercase letters and a different color for the lowercase letter.


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