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Benefits of Using Bingo Dabbers in the Classroom

Did you know that there are lots of benefits of using bingo dabbers in the classroom? Read about them and discover activities to use all year long.

Whether you call them bingo dabbers, dobbers, or daubers, bingo markers, or dot paints (I call them bingo dabbers) they’re a great tool for kindergarten learners! They’re compact, easy to use and most importantly- fun! And they support learning for our youngest learners in so many ways.  Here are a few of the benefits of using bingo dabbers in your classroom. The Benefits of Using Bingo Dabbers in the Classroom

The Benefits of Using Bingo Dabbers in the Classroom

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Bingo dabbers are way less messy than paint.

That’s the beauty of bingo dabbers. They’re everything you need in a self-contained unit. No spilling, no splattering, no washing brushes or paint cups afterwards. And once they’re applied to paper they dry almost instantly. This is one of my favorite teacher-friendly benefits of using bingo dabbers!

They last (almost) forever!

As long as you leave the cap on, your supply of bingo dabbers won’t dry out.*Helpful tip: always store them upside down (tip down)-that way the sponge top won’t dry out.

Teaching your students to store their bingo dabbers properly definitely requires a bit of coaching. It’s important to teach students how to use the dabbers and how to dab – not too hard and not too soft. It’s a great idea {and a fun activity!} to have students practice dabbing on a paper before completing any activities.

The benefits of using bingo dabbers in the classroom

For lots of helpful tips on how to set your students up for success, as well as fun ways to use the dabbers, check out the blog post Using Bingo Dabbers in the Classroom.

I have tried a lot of different brands of bingo dabbers. My favorite brand BY FAR is the Do a Dot Art! Markers – they last forever. The bottles are wide and easy to grip for little hands.

Students build hand-eye coordination…

Bingo dabbers aren’t just super convenient for teachers, there are real educational benefits of using bingo dabbers! Children practice hand-eye coordination as they direct the stamp to go where they aim on the paper.

This is an important foundational skill for many other tasks that require hand-eye coordination, like playing a musical instrument, using tools, playing sports, even learning how to use a computer keyboard.

The Benefits of Using Bingo Dabbers in the Classroom

…and fine motor skills.

Students’ dexterity improves as they hold and flip the dot markers and practice their fine motor skills- an important element of handwriting.

Bingo dabbers are less intimidating than a pencil.

Some children enter kindergarten with complete mastery of using writing utensils. Others, well, they ‘re just not quite there yet. Bingo dabbers are a no-pressure way for little ones to learn new concepts and communicate successfully without the pressure of an awkward grip.

And while penmanship and learning to write are super important bingo dabbers serve as a perfect “introductory” writing utensil.

One of the benefits of using bingo dabbers, is that students can practice skills without having to worry about being able to hold a pencil properly – which can sometimes frustrate little learners (especially early in the school year).

The Benefits of Using Bingo Dabbers in the Classroom

This activity comes from A Dab of Learning: Uppercase and Lowercase.

Using bingo dabbers reinforces key educational skills.

Not only are Bingo dabbers fun and easy for kids to use, they help them build foundational skills like one-to-one correspondence, left to right progression, and patterning.

They require minimal prep.

Bingo dabbers are quick and easy to set up. And the best part is you won’t need any other materials! No cups, no brushes, or pouring required. Just take the cap off and they’re ready to go.

Pair them with the Bingo Dabber No-Prep Literacy & Math Activities Year Long Bundle and you’ll have learning activities from back to school, throughout the seasons and all the way through next summer. And no prep means that they are ready in a pinch and perfect for busy teachers.

The Benefits of Using Bingo Dabbers in the Classroom

The Bingo Dabber No-Prep Literacy and Math Year Long Bundle includes over 300 pages of Kindergarten-friendly skill-based pages to practice necessary skills while using bingo dabbers and strengthening fine motor skills.

Each month you get more than 30 pages that were designed just for Kindergarten. That means they are little learner-friendly and skills are appropriate for what you’re working on at any given time of the year.

The Benefits of Using Bingo Dabbers in the Classroom

The skills in each packet are presented as a spiral review. Each month reviews skills from previous months or presents them in a new way, while still introducing new skills. You can use them for morning work, centers, or fun intervention activities.

The Benefits of Using Bingo Dabbers in the Classroom

You can check these out and learn more by clicking the image below.

Bingo Dabbers No-Prep Resource

Using Bingo dabbers is so much fun- it’s a surefire activity for getting your students excited about learning. And in kindergarten, isn’t that really what it’s all about?

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