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Summer Centers for Kindergarten

Summer is quickly approaching. While this is an exciting time of year, it's also the time when teachers need to use a little more creativity to keep the learning happening. With these summer centers for kindergarten, you'll be able to give your students engaging opportunities to practice grade level skills during the last weeks of school and into the summer.

Why Use Summer Centers For Kindergarten?

There are so many benefits to using summer centers for kindergarten. Not only will hands-on and engaging center activities keep students on task, but they will likely improve their behavior if they are having fun while learning.

Summer-themed centers are a great way to review skills at the end of the school year.

They are also a great option if your school goes into the summer, you are on a year-round schedule, or you teach summer school.

At the end of the school year, teachers are especially tired as they try to manage the million things that need to be wrapped up.

Therefore, you need easy-to-prep and explain centers to help you get through those final weeks of school.

Summer Math and Literacy Centers For Kindergarten

These summer-themed math and literacy centers for kindergarten are the perfect blend of hands-on and easy-prep.

With 13 math and 13 literacy centers included, your students will have a blast practicing key math and literacy skills with fun themes, such as ocean, beach, camping, and summer.

Each center comes with a recording sheet and follow-up no-prep pages. You can add these no-prep pages to your morning work, early finishers, or any time of the day.

Literacy Centers

The 13 literacy centers included in the summer-themed math and literacy centers resource provide practice with kindergarten skills like beginning and ending sounds, short vowels, CVC words, blends, digraphs, CVCe words, nouns, sentence building, reading comprehension, and more. Each literacy center activity includes a recording sheet for students to complete.

Math Centers

The 13 math centers included in the summer-themed math and literacy centers resource focus on key kindergarten skills such as base ten, ten frames, teen number order, composing teen numbers, comparing numbers, addition and subtraction, shapes, and more. Each math center activity also includes a recording sheet for students to complete.

Free Summer Centers For Kindergarten

If you're looking for fun summer centers for kindergarten, I have just the thing!

I created a FREE Summer Centers for Kindergarten activity pack that you can use with your students to keep them learning into the summer.

You'll find hands-on centers for math and literacy skills such as teen numbers, numbers to 100, beginning blends, and CVCe words.

You'll need only basic supplies, such as spinners, dice, plastic math cubes, or mini erasers. Students can use these centers independently or with a partner to make learning even more fun!

If you'd like to get this summer centers freebie delivered straight to your inbox, simply fill out the form below and it'll be on its way!

I hope you enjoyed these super easy and fun summer centers for kindergarten.

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