Snowman Activities: Letter Sounds Practice



This is an interactive snowman activity that helps students practice letter names and letter sounds in fun way! It will also help them recognize and learn the letters of the alphabet!

Students will chant the poem as a group while one student picks a letter card out of the basket. They will identify the name or letter sound of the card they picked. Afterwards, they will return the card to the basket, stir the “pot” again, and pass it on to a friend. You can take turns as many times as time allows.

Uppercase and lowercase alphabet cards allow you to use all uppercase cards, all lowercase cards, or a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters.

Also included are two recording sheets. You can have students cross off the letter as you play the game. Or use the recording sheets to make a follow up game. Have an adult pick a letter and make the sound. The students cover or color the letter that makes the sound.

This packet includes:
-Teacher directions with pictures
-Letter Sound printable poem or display on a smart board/document camera
-Uppercase letter cards
-Lowercase letter cards
-Cut apart pieces to use if you want to chart the poem on a large piece of paper
-Two recording pages

This activity works great in small groups, whole groups, or as a quick time filler.

Stan the Snowman is an original poem that was authored by The Printable Princess.
Also available are an October version, November version, and December version.

Are you looking for more fun and fresh activities to teach letter sounds?
Find some great idea here —–> Beginning Sounds BUNDLE.


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