Beginning Sounds and Letter Sounds Activities BUNDLE

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Throughout PreK and Kindergarten, we work hard to help our students master letter recognition and letter sounds. Building this relationship is a critical step in setting the foundation for learning to read and write. It is important for students to be able to quickly identify letter names and know the sounds that they make. The letter sounds activities included in this bundle will help to provide your students will the tools they need to master beginning sounds.

These activities are fun, fresh, and engaging. Plus they are SUPER easy to prep! Most of them are just print and slide in a page protector! Students will use mini erasers, plastic math cubes, and other classroom manipulatives to complete the activities. These activities make great morning work tubs, fast finisher activities, or literacy centers.

This packet includes 10 different letter sounds activities. Please download the preview for a detailed look at what is included in each of the ten packets.

Picture names are included for ALL pictures.

What is included in this Letter Sounds Activities bundle?

  • Match and Cover:  Students will refer to the color code listed on the right side of the mat. They will use plastic math cubes to cover the pictures with the matching beginning sound. 20 mats and 5 no prep pages are included.
  • Build the Sound:  There are three different activities included in this packet. Students will identify the beginning sound of the picture and use mini erasers to form the letter to show the sound. If you don't have mini erasers, no problem, plastic math cubes or other small classroom manipulatives would work as well.
  • Beginning Sound Mazes: Students will identify the beginning sound of each picture to work their way through the maze. They will use classroom manipulatives to cover the pictures along the way. Answer keys are included for students to check their work.
  • Letter Sound Mats: Students will use magnetic letters or letter tiles to show the beginning sound of the pictures on the mat. 3 different types of mats are included.
  • Cover the Beginning Sound: Students will use plastic bears, plastic linking cubes, mini erasers, or other small classroom manipulatives to cover the pictures begin with the focus letter on the activity mat.
  • Pocket Chart Activities: Students match the picture cards to the letter card header. They can complete this activity using a pocket chart or on the carpet. Students can use the picture cards to play a memory game or a small group game (directions are included in the packet).
  • Match the Sound: This activity includes six different themes for matching letters and beginning sound pictures. Themes include: pencil & paper, lunch bag & sandwich, fish & fish bowl, camera & picture, cookies & cookie jar, and a generic picture match. Two options for recording sheets are included, which are completely optional. Students will match the letter card to the picture card. Students can complete this activity using a pocket chart or on the carpet.
  • Write the Room: Students will match the picture and record the name for the beginning sound pictures. 26 activities are included, one for each letter of the alphabet.
  • Beginning Sounds Games: An exciting collection of small group and partner games to practice beginning sounds.
  • Beginning Sounds Literacy Centers: A collection of fun and fresh literacy centers to practice beginning sounds.

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