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The ability to recognize and produce rhyming words is an important phonological skill for students to master. Rhyming teaches students how language works. Learners with a strong foundation in phonemic awareness are much more likely to be successful readers. It is important for us to provide our students with lots of practice and repetition to help them grasp this important concept.

This bundle is your one stop for rhyming activities! It has everything you need to teach rhyming words. It's loaded with activities, games, centers, and worksheets that will make teaching {and learning} rhymes fun and fresh!

What’s Included:

Let’s Play a Rhyming Game: A fun whole group or small group game where students will practice making rhyming mats. 5 games and 295 game cards are included.

Ready to Rhyme | Rhyming Mats: Students will match the rhyming cards to the rhyming mats. Optional recording sheets are included. 25 mats and corresponding cards are included.

Rhyme the Room: Similar to Write the Room, students will make rhyming matches as they walk around the room. 13 centers are included.

Roll, Rhyme, and Race: An easy to prep, interactive board game to practice rhyming words. Students will play with a partner to try and be the first to the finish line! 20 game boards are included.

Rhyming Spin and Cover: Great for morning tubs, early finishers, or a literacy center. Students will spin the spinner and cover a rhyming picture. They will use color coded cubes to keep track of their answers. 30 rhyming mats included.

Rhyming Bump GamesA collection of games for students to practice rhyming words. 3 levels are included to allow for differentiation. Levels include pictures only, pictures and words, and words only. All pictures and words CVC words. 12 games are included.

Rhyming Matches / Pocket Chart Activities: Includes 6 rhyming match activities, each with a fun kid-friendly theme. Each matching activity includes an “I Can” visual directions page as well as an optional recording sheet. This activity can be used in a pocket chart or at a center.

Rhyming Centers: A collection of 8 centers to practice rhyming. All centers include teacher-friendly directions, “I Can” visual directions, and a recording sheet.

Rhyming No Prep Pages: A collection of 35 no prep pages to help students practice rhyming. All pages will be printer friendly, in black and white.

For a closer look at some of the activities included, check out this video:


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