Rhyming Activities | Spin and Cover


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This resource includes 30 Spin and Cover Rhyming Mats. This activity is great for a morning tub, early finisher activity, or literacy center. The directions for each activity are

the same.

Please Note: This resource is part of a larger Rhyming Words Bundle.

Prep Directions: Print the activity mats and laminate or slide in page protectors. Students will need a plastic spinner or a paper clip and a pencil to make a spinner. They will also need red, yellow, green, and blue plastic linking cubes. Picture names for the spinner are located in the upper right corner.

Activity Directions: Students will spin the spinner and identify the name of the picture. On the mat, they will find a picture that makes a rhyming match. They will cover the picture using the color code on the spinner. Students will continue spinning and covering the pictures until all of the spaces are covered.

Students use a color code to cover their answers, so you can easily look at the mat and check their work.


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