Rhyming Worksheets


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This rhyming worksheets resource includes 35 no prep pages to practice rhyming words. Just print and add pencils, crayons, or bingo dabbers. Some of the pages require students to cut and paste their answers.

Several of the pages have the picture names written underneath the picture. For the pages without picture names, you can find those on page 4.

Most practice pages include at least two versions: a simple CVC version and a separate version using more difficult words. This allows you to differentiate the work or use this packet throughout the year.

There is also a variety of skill levels included. While the pages at the beginning of this resource prompts students to match, color, or cut and paste the rhymes. The pages towards the end of this resource instruct students to read, create, and/or write their own rhymes.

Please download the preview to see the pages included.


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