Short Vowel Word Building Cards {CVCC & CCVCC}


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Great for word work activities! Short Vowel Word Building Cards is a quick, easy to prep activity to help students read, build, and write CVCC and CCVCC words. Great for rhyming words and word families too!

Packet includes:
• 23 Short Vowel Word Family activity cards
• 23 Student self-correcting cards
 7 “I Can” visual direction pages to promote independence
 6 Recording sheets to hold students accountable for their work (optional)
2 Optional Front Covers

Word Families included: ack, all, ant, ash, amp, and, eck, ell, end, est, ick, ill, ing, ink, ish, ock, op, old, uck, ump, ung, unk, ush

Prep Work: Print, cut apart, and laminate the activity cards and the corresponding “I Can” visual direction pages. Print, cut apart, and laminate “self correcting” cards. You could punch a hole into the upper left corner of the self correcting cards and put them on a binder ring to keep them together. The number on the bottom of the activity card corresponds to the number on the top of the self-checking card. Optional: print a recording sheet to hold students accountable for their work. Students will need dry erase markers or magnetic letters for this activity.

Directions: Students will select an activity card. They will say the name of the picture at the top of the card. They will change the beginning sound to make a new word and record the new word on the line.


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