CVCe Words Long Vowel Word Building Cards


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Great for building Kindergarten and first grade literacy! CVCe Words Short Vowel Word Building Cards is a quick, easy to prep activity to help students read, build, and write CVCe words. Great for rhyming words and word families too!

This resource was completely updated in July 2018

Packet includes:
• 25 CVC Short Vowel Word Family activity cards
• 25 Student self-correcting cards
 7 “I Can” visual direction pages to promote independence
 6 Recording sheets to hold students accountable for their work (optional)
2 Optional Front Covers

Word Families included: ace, age, ake, ale, ame, ane, ape, ase, ate, ave, ice, ide, ike, ile, ime, ine, ipe, ite, ive, oke, one, ose, ote

Prep Work: Print, cut apart, and laminate the activity cards and the corresponding “I Can” visual direction pages. Print, cut apart, and laminate “self correcting” cards. You could punch a hole into the upper left corner of the self correcting cards and put them on a binder ring to keep them together. The number on the bottom of the activity card corresponds to the number on the top of the self-checking card. Optional: print a recording sheet to hold students accountable for their work. Students will need dry erase markers or magnetic letters for this activity.

Directions: Students will select an activity card. They will say the name of the picture at the top of the card. They will change the beginning sound to make a new word and record the new word on the line.

Check out the CVC Short Vowel “If I Can Spell” edition here:
Write On, Wipe Off – If I Can Spell… CVC Short Vowel Word Building Cards


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