Penguin Party Game for CVC Words



Penguin Party is a CVC game perfect for those cold winter months! This activity is sure to keep kids engaged and learning at the same time. After you've played this game in small group, it can easily become a fun literacy center. Students will play with a partner or small group, so they will learn to take turns and work cooperatively with their classmates.

Included in the packet:
-Teacher friendly directions
-“I Can” visual direction pages
-90 CVC playing cards
-1 page of special playing cards
-Optional recording sheet to hold students accountable for their work
-“Roll, Say, Keep” mat

Prep once and then you have three ways to play:
-Make 2 copies of the playing cards and have students play a traditional memory game.
-Make a copy of the “Roll, Say, Keep” mat for each player, add a die, and have students play using the rules of “Roll, Say, Keep”.
-Play using the rules of Penguin Party: Students take turns reading the CVC cards. If they get a special card they either get another turn, take a card from another player, or the game is over.

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