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This resource includes 5 rhyming games to play as a whole group or small group. Students will practice rhyming words as well as work on phonological awareness. You can mix the cards or keep the sets together.

The games are divided into five sets:
•CVC Words
•CVCe Words
•Short & Long Vowels
•Mixed Practice
•Blends & Digraphs

Please Note: This resource is part of a larger Rhyming Words Bundle.

Each rhyming game is 12 pages. Each game includes a cover page and 59 rhyming cards. To prepare the activity just print, laminate, and cut apart the cards. There is a hole in the upper left corner of each card. You can punch a hole and put them on a metal ring for easy use and storage.

These games were designed to be a fun, interactive game to practice rhyming words. By playing your students will practice rhyming skills and other literacy skills like phoneme manipulation.

Directions: Without letting your students see the card, you will read the rhyming statement to them. Students will determine which word starts with the sound you’ve made AND rhymes with the word. Call on a student to give the answer. The picture on the card is the answer. You can show the picture to the students to provide a visual. Continue to play for as long as time allows.

You can use these rhyming games in a small group lesson or as a whole group. I like to play this game as a time filler. For instance, you could put a ring by the front door. If your students are lined up, but you have a minute or two before you have to leave – this is a great activity to keep their attention.


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