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This rhyming centers resource was designed to help students learn to identify rhyming pairs as well as create their own rhymes. Inside you will find 8 rhyming centers to help students practice rhyming words.

Each center comes with teacher friendly directions and an “I Can” visual directions page for students. Centers use basic classroom supplies: pencils, crayons, plastic links, clothespins, and magnetic letters.

There are various skill levels included in this resource. Some of the activities are matching rhymes while others require students to spell or build rhyming words. This will allow you to differentiate for your students or use this activity throughout the year.

Most of the activities do not require a recording sheet so they can be re-used as a follow up activity in a small group, morning tub, or as an early finisher activity.

It is recommended that you go over the picture names before having students complete the activity independently. Picture names for all activities are found on the teacher directions page. Answer Keys for all activities are on page 38 and 39.

Here's whats included:

Clip the Rhymes: Students will say the name of the picture at the top of the card. They will identify each picture at the bottom and clip a clothespin on the rhyming match. They will color the picture on the recording sheet.

iRhyme: Students will say the name of each picture to determine which two pictures make a rhyming pair. On the recording sheet they will color the two pictures to show their answer.

Color Code Rhymes: Students will identify the picture on the activity card. They will find a rhyming match on the recording sheet. They will color the rhyming match picture using the same color as the picture card.

Link the Rhymes: Students will say the name of each picture to make a rhyming match. They will link the rhyming pictures together. To record their work, they will color the rhyming pair to match the colored dot on the left card.

Does it Rhyme? Students will say the name of each picture to determine if they rhyme. Students will color the thumbs up if the pictures rhyme. They will color the thumbs down if the pictures do not rhyme. (You could also have students use bingo dabbers.)

Watch Me Rhyme: Students will say the name of the picture and determine the rhyming word. They will use magnetic letters or a dry erase marker to spell the word. They will record the rhyming word on the recording sheet.

Make a Rhyme: Students will say the name of the rhyming match on the activity card. They will come up with another word that rhymes. They will record their rhyming word on the paper and draw a picture.

Rhyming Sort: Students will match the picture cards to the sorting mat to make rhyming matches. They will record the rhyming CVC words on the recording sheet.


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