Kindergarten Math: Numbers to 10 / Numbers 1-10 BUNDLE

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This resource contains tons of different activities to help your students practice numbers to 10 using hands-on activities that are interactive and kid-friendly. Activities include, games, centers, matching activities, number sorts, pocket chart activities, and SO much more!

A solid foundation is essential for long-term math success – and it starts at an early age. It is important for our students to develop a deep understanding of individual numbers, their quantities, and how they relate to other numbers. Number sense is developed through lots of practice and exposure, which is why I am thrilled to present to you this Numbers to 10 Bundle!

These activities are fun, fresh, and engaging. Plus they are SUPER easy to prep! Most of them are just print and slide in a page protector! They are perfect activities for centers, morning tubs, fast finisher activities, and more.

What's included in this bundle?

Match and Cover: Students will refer to the color code listed on the right side of the mat. They will use plastic math cubes to cover the squares with the matching number. This resource includes 25 mats. Two types of mats are included: students will match the number to the number or they will match the number to a pictorial representation.

Pocket Chart Activities: Students match picture cards that show the number to the number header. There are six picture cards per header. Students can complete this activity using a pocket chart, on the floor, or at a table. This activity would also work as a math bulletin board. {Numbers to 20 are included in this packet.}

Build the Number: There are four different types of activities included in this resource. Students will use mini erasers to form numbers. This is a fun way to practice counting and number recognition while strengthening fine motor skills. If you don't have mini erasers, plastic cubes or other small classroom manipulatives would work as well.

Cover the Number: Students will identify the target number on the mat. They will look at various objects to determine which pictures show the target number. They will use cubes, mini erasers, or other classroom manipulatives to cover their answers.

Magnetic Number Mats: Students will identify each number on the mat. Numbers are shown in dominos, tally marks, ten frames, and much, much more. They will use magnetic numbers to show their answer. 33 different mats are included.

Find the Number: This activity works best in a pocket chart. The teacher will hide the special cards behind a few of the numbers. Students will take turns guessing which number the special cards are hiding behind. There are 6 different sets included. This resource includes numbers to 20. You do not need to use all of the numbers for this activity, you could play with numbers to 5 or numbers to 10.

Make a Match: Students will match the number card to the picture card to show how many. There are ten different year-round sets included as well as student reference pages and optional recording pages.

Counting ActivitiesIncludes 12 different fun and interactive activities to practice counting. Each activity includes multiple versions so they can be used multiple times. Students will use plastic math cubes, mini erasers, bears, spinners, and more to practice counting and one-to-one correspondence.

Math Centers A collection of 15 math centers to practice numbers to 10. Centers include “I Can” pages and recording sheets. Skills include one-to-one correspondence, counting, number writing, counting on, and more.

You can find the Numbers 11 – 20 Bundle here.

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