Pocket Chart Activities {Kindergarten Math: Numbers to 10}


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Building a solid number sense foundation is critical for a students' long-term math success – and it starts at an early age. It is important for our students to develop a deep understanding of individual numbers, their quantities, and how they relate to other numbers. Number sense is developed through lots of practice and exposure, which is why it's important for us to have lots of activities to help our students strength their skills.

Here's an activity that will make teaching {and learning} numbers fun, engaging, and hands-on! This resource would work great as a center or as a math bulletin board display. Plus it's pretty easy to prep! Just print, laminate, and cut along the straight lines.

Please Note: Numbers to 20 are included for this resource. You do not need to use all of the numbers. You can choose to display or have students work on numbers to 5 only, or numbers to 10 only.

There are number headers for numbers 0-20 included as well as 6 matching picture cards for each number. {Please note the number 0 only has three picture cards.}

To complete the activity, students will match the picture card to the number header. Students can complete this activity using a pocket chart, on the carpet, or at a table. Students can use the picture cards to play a memory game as well.

These cards are also great to use for partner cards. Ahead f time set aside the card that you will need, making sure that each card has a matching pair. Pass a card out to each student and have them find their matching pair. Those two students become partners in the activity ahead.


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