Flip Book BUNDLE {Alphabet, Number Recognition, Blends, & Rhyming Words}

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This Flip Book BUNDLE include: alphabet, beginning sounds, numbers, beginning blends and digraphs, and rhyming words / word families.

To prepare the books, students will color the pictures and then cut apart the booklet as described on the “I Can” chart. They will then stack the pictures and either adhere the pictures with a small amount of glue, or an adult can staple the book together.

Each packet also contains a page that can be used as an extension activity. I also have my students use a yellow crayon or marker to highlight the beginning letter, beginning blend/digraph or rhyming part in each word. You can also have your students use crayons to rainbow write the large letter, blend, or number on each booklet.

Photocopy friendly! All booklets are in black and white and students will only need one copy each to complete the activity.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to make the dotted lines appear (as shown in the thumbnails above) you need to save the file to your computer BEFORE printing.

****Please note that this is a ZIP file. After downloading you will need to EXTRACT ALL four files BEFORE you try to open the files.****


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