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Set of 50 spinner math games for Kindergarten math centers for the whole school year

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This resource is a perfect way to make Kindergarten math centers EASY to prep and plan, interactive, meaningful, and FUN! With 50 center activities included, there’s more than enough to incorporate a “spinner center” in your classroom the entire school year! Inside you'll find a wide variety of Kindergarten skills – numbers to 5, 10, and 20, shapes, patterns, making 5, making 10, counting, ten frames, addition, subtraction, and MORE!

The directions for each center stay the same – so you can explain once, and your students will know what to do every time. The only thing that changes is the skill they are practicing. There are no themes included in this packet, so all of the activities are perfect year-round. With a click-able table of contents at the beginning of the packet you can easily find what you need and have it ready when your students are.

The activities in this resource are designed to provide your students with a hands-on and interactive way to practice the math skills covered in Kindergarten. You can use these activities as math stations, morning tub activities, or fast finisher tasks.

Students will record their answers using a color-code so you can easily check their work and monitor their progress! Each activity includes teacher-friendly directions and Kindergarten-friendly “I Can” visual directions. These are great for keeping students on task or to show what students are working on during administration walk-throughs!

To prepare each Kindergarten math center, just print and laminate the spinner and print the black and white recording sheet. You could also place the recording sheets in a page protector and have students use plastic math cubes to cover their answers. To help keep you organized, the title and picture on the spinner and recording sheet match.

Students will need a paper clip and a pencil to make a spinner. You can also use plastic transparent spinners if you have them. I got mine on Amazon and I love them! Students will also need crayons to color their answers.

Activity Directions: Students will spin the spinner and identify their spinner and the color. They will find a corresponding answer on the recording sheet and color, write, or trace the answer using the color code.

Skills Include:
1. Spin and Count: Numbers to 5
2. Spin and Count 2: Numbers to 10
3. Count to 20
4. Numbers to 5: Using Ten Frames
5. Numbers to 10: Using Ten Frames
6. Numbers to 20: Using Ten Frames
7. Ten Frames: Numbers to 10
8. Ten Frame: Numbers to 20
9. Dot Cube Counting: Subitizing to 6
10. Spin a Domino 1: Subitizing to 5
11. Spin a Domino 2: Subitizing to 10
12. Numbers in Disguise 1: Recognizing Numbers to 5
13. Numbers in Disguise 2: Recognizing Numbers to 5 – 10
14. Numbers in Disguise 3: Recognizing Numbers to 10 – 15
15. Numbers in Disguise 4: Recognizing Numbers to 15 – 20
16. Make a Match: Base Ten to 20
17. Spin a Base Ten 1: Numbers 11 – 15
18. Spin a Base Ten 2: Numbers 16 – 20
19. Tens and Ones: Numbers 11 – 20
20. Show the Tens and Ones: Numbers 11 – 20
21. Teen Numbers: 11 – 20
22. Counting On: Numbers to 10
23: Before and After: Numbers to 10
24. Counting Back: Numbers to 10
25. Spin a Tally Mark: Numbers to 10
26. Spin a Word 1: Number Words to 10
27. Spin a Word 2: Number Words to 20
28. Spin and Write 1: Number Formation / Writing to 10
29. Spin and Write 2: Number Formation / Writing to 20
30. Let's Compare 1: Numbers Less and More than 5
31. Let's Compare 2: Numbers Less and More than 10
32. Let's Make 5
33. Let's Make 10
34. Piggy Bank Counting 1: Counting Pennies within 10
35. Piggy Bank Counting 2: Counting Dimes within 100
36. Addition within 5
37. Addition within 10
38. Subtraction within 5
39. Subtraction within 10
40. Spin a 2D Shape
41. Real World Objects: 2D
42. Spin a 3D Shape
43. Real World Objects: 3D
44. Spin a Pattern: AB
45. Spin a Pattern: ABB
46. Spin a Pattern: AAB
47. Spin a Pattern: ABC
48. Spin a Pattern: Mixed Practice
49. Let's Tell Time: Time to the Hour
50. Let's Tell Time: Time to the Half Hour

You can download the preview to see pictures of this resource in action along with pictures of the spinners I mentioned above!

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