Kindergarten Math Addition and Subtraction to 10 Bundle

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These hands-on addition and subtraction activities for Kindergarten are the perfect complement to your Kindergarten math curriculum. This bundle is your one-stop for supplemental addition and subtraction activities. There's a variety of games, activity mats, and worksheets included in this low-prep bundle.

These hands-on addition and subtraction activities are great for morning work, homework, extra practice, math centers, or distance learning.

Included in this bundle:

Mystery Math: A collection of 40 worksheets to practice addition and subtraction within 5 and 10. Number sentences are hidden in the picture. Students use a magnifying glass to uncover the sentences, write them down, and solve them.

Crack the Code: To complete the 45 worksheets included in this resource, students use the picture code at the top of the page to create an addition or subtraction sentence. They write it down and solve it.

Solve and Cover: Includes 18 different activities. Students flip the card and solve the addition or subtraction sentence. They find the match number and picture combination on the mat and cover it.

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems: This resource includes 40 addition and subtraction word problems. Students will read the story problem and then solve by drawing a picture, using a number line, and/or a tens frame. They will write the math problem and solve it.

Solve and Color: There are 39 no prep worksheets in this kit. Students will color the crayons to create their own color code. They will solve the math problems and color using their unique color code. Once the sections have been colored, a magic number will appear!

Roll and Race: A fun dice game to practice addition and subtraction. Play with a partner or independently. 30 no-prep game boards are included.

Hide and Find Math Mats: Includes 5 different year-round themes with addition, subtraction, and mixed practice. Includes optional recording sheets.

Flip and Solve: These activity mats along with the addition and subtraction flashcards are great for extra practice and small group instruction. Includes option recording sheets.

Matching Mats: Includes 10 year-round themes to practice solving addition and subtraction sentences. You can practice addition, subtraction, or mix them up. Includes optional recording sheets to hold students accountable.




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