Addition and Subtraction Word Problems | Story Problems


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This resource includes 40 addition and subtraction word problems to 10.

There is one addition or subtraction word problem per page. Students read the word problem and follow the prompts on the page to solve it. This shows students there is more than one way to solve a math problem.

No prep work is needed, just print. Students will need a pencil and crayons. These are fantastic for math warm-ups or small group instruction. It is important that students have a strong foundation in math vocabulary. This helps them visualize and explain their thinking. When completing these pages focus on words such as “in all,” “more,” “take away,” “left,” etc.

There are two types of pages included:

  • For the first activity, students read the word problem. They use the number line to solve. They cut out the counters at the bottom of the page and glue them on the ten frame to show their work. For subtraction stories, they would glue the total on the ten frame and then cross off pictures to show take away. Finally, they will write an addition or subtraction sentence to match.
  • For the second activity, students read the word problem. They draw a picture to illustrate the problem. They use a number line and tens frame to solve the problem. Finally, they write an addition or subtraction sentence. Once they have found the sum or difference, they record that number on the line at the bottom.


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