Mystery Math Addition and Subtraction Worksheets


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hands-on addition and subtraction activities bundle
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Mystery Math includes 40 no prep worksheets to help your students practice addition and subtraction skills. There are 5 pages of each to practice addition to five and subtraction to five. There are 15 pages of each to practice addition to ten and subtraction to ten.

Addition and subtraction problems are hidden in the picture. This activity works best with a magnifying glass. For one, it’s more fun! In addition, using the magnifying glass helps make the math problems larger and easier to read.

There is no prep required, just print. All pages are in black and white ink only. Students will look closely at the picture to find the addition or subtraction problems that are hidden. They will write the problem on the line and solve it. When they are finished they can color the picture.

It is a good idea to provide students with small manipulatives to help them count and solve the problem.


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