Ways to Make 10 – Composing and Decomposing Numbers


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This resource was designed to help students learn to compose and decompose the number ten. The activities can be used in a teacher-led small group or in an independent math center. You could also use the mats as a morning tub activity or for fast finishers.

To help keep this activity fresh and new for students, there are five themes included. You might decide to use one theme in a teacher led station to show students how to complete the task, and use the other themes for independent work.

Each theme comes with activity mats (three options), “I Can” visual directions, three recording sheet options, activity mats, and counters. Open-ended activity mats for each theme are included to allow you to differentiate for students. You can use the shapes included or items you have on hand, such as: plastic math cubes, mini erasers, etc.

Themes Include:
-Apples / Grocery Store
-Ice Cream Shop
-My Pet Cat
-Birds and Bird Houses


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