Roll and Race Addition and Subtraction Dice Games


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hands-on addition and subtraction activities bundle
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This resource includes 30 no prep Roll and Race dice games to help your students practice addition and subtraction.

There are 10 games for each skill: addition, subtraction, and mixed addition and subtraction. The first two games of each section focus on fluency within 5, the other games focus on fluency within 10.

The addition and subtraction dice games are great for morning tubs, homework, sub tubs, time fillers, or math centers.

Each player will need a copy of the Roll and Race game board and game pieces (such as plastic math cubes or mini erasers). Students will also need a dice/dot cube to share. Students can play this game with a partner or independently.

Option 1 – with a partner

Students will take turns rolling the dot cube. They select the first available math problem from the corresponding column that they rolled. They will solve the problem and cover the spot on their game board. For example, if they roll a two, they will solve the next math problem in that column and cover it. The first player to reach the end of a column wins.

Option 2 – independently

The student will roll the dot cube and solve the first available math problem from the corresponding column. They will continue to move the game pieces up the columns each time they roll and solve. The game is over when their first game piece reaches the top of the column. If you are using this as a consumable activity, you can have students color the column that ”won”.


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