January Morning Tubs for Kindergarten

One of my favorite things about coming back from winter break is the feeling of a fresh start. If a routine or procedure didn’t go “right” at the beginning of the year, January is the perfect time to hit the restart button and make adjustments. It’s also a great opportunity to try something new. If you’re looking for a way to make mornings easier this new year, it’s a great month to try January Morning Tubs for Kindergarten!

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These January Morning Tubs for Kindergarten are a great way to start a day full of learning. But they aren’t just for mornings – they perfect throughout the day. They don’t necessarily have to be used in the morning. They are great for keeping students engaged as everyone arrives, or they work well as math or literacy stations too. You can even use them as fun filler activities – these activity tubs are a perfect fit for a variety of uses.

The January Morning Tubs for Kindergarten includes literacy and math activities with a fun winter theme. The skills included are ones that your kindergartners are most likely working on during the winter months.

Each activity comes with an “I Can” card to promote independence. In addition, each piece or card is labeled to help you stay organized and pair up missing pieces if something gets lost.

These activities use basic classroom supplies like magnetic letters, dry erase markers, plastic math cubes, play dough, and more.

Mini Erasers for January:

I love using mini erasers whenever possible. They make great manipulatives and they are pretty inexpensive. Plus they are an easy way to add a little festive flair to activities.

I often get asked where I get my mini erasers, so I wanted to share some that I’ve found on Amazon. These are perfect for the winters months!

This winter eraser variety pack have snowmen and snowflake shapes – which makes these a must have winter. (Don’t let the “Christmas” title fool you!)

These polar bear mini erasers are also perfect for January. There’s 144 included, so you’ll have more than enough for small group work.

Another must-have for winter are penguin mini erasers. You can find these in fun multi-colors (great for addition, patterning, etc) or a more traditional penguin look.

Math Tubs for Kindergarten

Count and Cover:

Students determine the number represented by the ten frame. They find a corresponding number on the activity mat and cover it. Two activities are included – numbers to 10 and numbers 11 to 20.

Build the Number:

Students select a picture card and determine the number represented. They use mini erasers or other small manipulatives to form the number on the mat. There are two versions of the included, in case you’d like to make this activity self checking. You can cover the number with a sticky note. Students can lift the sticky note to check their work. There are three activities included: tally marks, ten frames, and one-to-one correspondence.

Roll and Race:

Students roll the dot cube and count to determine the number they rolled. (I LOVE using Ten Frame Dot Cubes with this activity!) They cover that many spaces on their game mat. The first player to cover all of the numbers wins. In order for a player to win, they must roll the exact number needed – if they have one space left, they must roll a one to win. Numbers to 20, 30, and 50 are included.

Snowman Show:

Students identify the number on the snowman. Using small manipulatives, they count and show one less and one more. Numbers 1 – 20 are included.

Hot Cocoa Orders:

Students select an “order card”. They count out the pieces to fill the order. They add the pieces together to determine how many toppings were added to the hot cocoa. You can have students use a dry erase marker to write the sum. There are two sets of cards included. Set 1: sums to 5, Set 2: sums to 10.</div>

Literacy Tubs for Kindergarten

Sound Buttons:

Students say the name of each picture and identify the middle vowel sound or word family. They use the snowman button color code to cover the pictures. Middle vowel sounds and CVC word families are included. (4 activities included)

Hot Cocoa Onset and Rime:

Students say the name of the CVC picture on the cup. They match the marshmallows to spell the word. It is recommended that you go over the picture names with your students before they complete this activity independently.

Flip and Cover:

Students say the name of the CVC picture on the card. They identify the onset on the card and find the matching rime on the mat and cover it.

Build the Word:

Students select a CVC picture card and place it on the mat. They say the onset and determine the rime (or word family). Using mini erasers or other small manipulatives, they form the rime (or word family) on the mat. There are two versions of the picture cards included, in case you’d like to make this activity self checking. You can cover the letter with a sticky note. Students can lift the sticky note to check their work.

For a more in-depth look at the January Morning Tubs, check out this video:

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