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Hands-On Summer Activities for Kindergarten

Once May rolls around, the summer countdown is ON. As hard as you might try, it can be a real struggle to keep kids on task and engaged with only a few weeks left of school. Add in end-of-the-year and summer activities for Kindergarten like an End of the Year ABC Countdown and the odds are stacked against you!

As teachers, we know how important it is to plan fun activities for our students year-round, but I think it's even more crucial at the end of the year! I wanted to share the new Summer Literacy and Math Tubs that were made just for the end of the year in Kindergarten!

Plus these summer activities for kindergarten do not include recording sheets – which means you won't have a ton of papers to check the last few weeks of school. Instead, these easy-to-prep, hands-on activities will help your students review and solidify the skills you've worked hard on all year long!

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Summer Literacy and Math Tubs

This Summer Activities for Kindergarten pack includes 22 literacy and math activities with a “get ready for summer” theme. The skills included in this resource are ones that your Kindergarteners are probably working on during the months of May and June or even summer school. It is packed full of games and interactive, hands-on activities to keep students engaged and learning right up until the last day.

The activities are easy to prep – most of them are just print-and-go. They use basic classroom supplies such as plastic cubes, mini erasers, play dough, dot cubes, and spinners. Most activities include more than one version, allowing you to differentiate for your students.

Each of these Summer Activities for Kindergarten includes teacher-friendly directions and an “I Can” visual directions page to promote independence. They do not include recording sheets, which makes them ideal for morning tubs and early finisher activities. But you can certainly use them for math and literacy centers, too.

2D & 3D Spin and Find Shapes

Students will spin the spinner and identify the shape. They will cover a space that matches the shape. Students will continue to play until all of the spaces have been covered. (2 activities – 2D and 3D shapes included)

Show the Tens and Ones

Students will identify the number that is shown on the card. Then, they will build the number using tens and ones blocks or other manipulatives.

Blends and Digraphs Color Cube Mats

Students say the name of the picture and then decide which blend or digraph it begins with. Using the color code, students cover the space with the same color of manipulative. (4 activities included – Beginning Digraphs and Beginning L Blends, R Blends, and S Blends)

Rhyming Practice & Sight Word Practice

Sight Word Practice: Students will select a sight word card and place it on the mat. They will build the word using a dry-erase marker or magnetic letters. This activity is editable so you can add your own sight words.

Rhyming Practice: Students will read the word at the top of the card and spell a word that rhymes using magnetic letters or a dry-erase marker.

Summer Activities: Spin and Solve

This fun summer-themed freebie will help strengthen addition and subtraction skills. Plus it’s hands-on and engaging, just like the activities in the Summer Literacy and Math Tubs.

Grab this fun and FREE activity to help your students solidify those addition and subtraction skills! Perfect for Kindergarten or first grade. They're easy to prep - just print, cut and laminate!

To prepare this activity simply print and laminate the activity mats. There are two addition mats, two subtraction mats, and four mixed addition and subtraction mats included.

For this activity, students will need mini erasers or plastic cubes. They will also need a plastic spinner or a paperclip and pencil to make a spinner.

Students spin the spinner and identify the number. Then, they use mini erasers or cubes to cover an addition or subtraction sentence equal to the number they spun. They continue to play until all of the spaces on the mat have been covered.

Grab this fun and FREE activity to help your students solidify those addition and subtraction skills! Perfect for Kindergarten or first grade. They're easy to prep - just print, cut and laminate!

You can download your copy of the Summer Spin and Solve by clicking here. In addition, if you’re looking for more summer activities for Kindergarten and freebies click here.

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