December Centers for Kindergarten (Math and Literacy Fun)

December is one of my favorite times of the year. It's such a festive time both at home and at school. The crafts, the parent gifts, the parties, and more. But with all of those things also comes a need to make sure our students are still learning and engaging with content.

If you've been a Kindergarten teacher for any amount of time, you know that when something big is about to happen (say a couple of weeks off from school or a big guy in a red suit coming to visit) it can be a huge challenge to keep your students on task, working hard, and still learning.

Having games and partner activities ready to go around this time of year is a great way to make learning fun and keep your students engaged.

In this post, I share a set of math and literacy December centers for kindergarten that will do just that!

December Centers for Kindergarten

This set of December Math & Literacy Center Activities has been great for keeping students focused while also getting in some December math and literacy fun!

Each activity features a dice or a spinner, allowing students to play as they learn!

With 30 activities included – 15 math and 15 literacy centers – there are enough activities to keep your students learning and engaged for the entire month of December!

The best part about these December centers for kindergarten is that were designed to target the specific needs of kindergarteners. They include targeted skill practice to set your students up for success with the standards you're already teaching.

Take a closer look at some of the activities below.

December Math Center Activities

This set of December centers for kindergarten features 15 math centers with recording sheets. Each activity includes either a spinner or dot cube to keep students engaged as they practice key math skills.

The math centers target several different skills including:

  • Number order to 10
  • Counting sets to 10
  • One less
  • One more
  • Ways to make 5
  • Ways to make 10
  • Counting by 10s
  • 2D shape attributes
  • Graphing

Take a peek at some of the math centers included below.

Fill the Ten Frame Activity

This math activity asks students to roll a candy-themed dot cube and then fill the ten frame with the same number they rolled. With this activity, students gain practice with counting using numbers 1-10 and filling in ten frames. Have students play independently or buddy up with a partner.

Spin One Less

This activity asks students to spin a spinner and then color a snowman on their page that is holding one less pair of mittens than the number they spun. With this activity, students gain practice with counting using numbers 1-10 and practicing determining which number is one less. Students will love spinning the spinner as they practice these important math skills.

Before and After

This activity gives students practice with identifying numbers that are one more and one less. Students will roll the gumdrop dot cube and record the number on their recording sheet. Then, they will list the number that goes before and after that number to the left and right of the gumdrop.

Want to see what other fun math centers are included? Take a look here!

December Literacy Center Activities

There are 15 literacy activities included in this December set of centers. Your students will love rolling a dot cube or spinning a spinner as they practice key literacy skills such as beginning sounds and short vowel words.

The literacy centers target several different skills including:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Beginning sounds
  • Ending sounds
  • 1, 2, and 3 syllables
  • Beginning sound phoneme substitution
  • Short a CVC words
  • Short e CVC words
  • Short i CVC word families
  • Simple sentences

Take a look at some of the included activities below.

Peppermint Pairs

This activity allows your students to practice identifying and writing uppercase and lowercase letters. Your students will roll the dot cube, find the letter on the recording sheet, and then write its alphabet pair. This activity provides practice with writing, tracing, and letter recognition.

Spin and Write

Sight word practice is important, but being able to put sight words in the context of a sentence is even more important! This activity gives your students practice with that by having them spin a spinner and then put the sight word into the blanks of different sentences.

Change the Word

For this activity, students will spin a spinner to choose a column. Then, they will change the word listed by swapping out the first letter with a different letter to make a new word. This activity is a great way to help students practice word families.


Want to see what other fun literacy centers are included? Take a look here!

Thanks for reading along! I hope you love these December centers for kindergarten!

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