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This resource includes 12 Bump Partner Rhyming Games and corresponding “I Can” Visual Directions cards. This activity is great for a morning tub, early finisher activity, or literacy center. The directions for each game are the same, so once students understand the rules they can play all of the games without re-explaining!

To allow for differentiation, there are a few different versions included: picture to picture, word to picture/word, and word to word. All pictures and words are CVC words.

Please Note: This resource is part of a larger Rhyming Words Bundle.

Prep Directions: Print and laminate the “I Can” visual directions page and dot cube reference page. Students will need a dot cube and 12 plastic cubes in the same color.

Activity Directions: Students play with a partner. Players will take turns rolling the dot cube and covering a rhyming match picture or word with a plastic cube.

If a player rolls the same word they can “BUMP” the other player off the space. If the player rolls the same word again, without being bumped off, they can add a second cube to “lock” the space. Locked spaces cannot be bumped. The first player to use all of their cubes is the winner.


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