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Here's a perfect resource to help you make learning beginning sounds so much fun! You're students will become little “Letter Investigators” and look for pictures (clues) that begin with the target letter listed on the page. These beginning sounds worksheets are easy to prep and super fun for students!

This is a set of 31 fun and educational NO-PREP practice pages where students will practice their coloring, cutting, handwriting, and beginning sound skills.

There are 21 beginning sound consonant pages and 10 beginning sound vowel pages. Please note there are 5 short vowel practice pages and 5 long vowel practice pages.

There are 6 correct pictures for each consonant and short vowel sound. There are 5 correct pictures for each long vowel practice pages.

Please Note: The letter “x” page has 6 pictures with “x” at the end of the word.

Students will say the name of each picture to determine which ones begin with the target letter. They will color the pictures, cut them out, and glue them on the detective's notepad.

Activities Include:
• 31 Practice pages (21 consonant pages and 10 vowel pages: 5 short vowel pages, 5 long vowel pages}
 “I Can” visual directions page for independent practice
 A picture name cheat-sheet for the teacher

Your students will:
• Identify the letter and corresponding letter sound on the page
• Identify the beginning sound of each word/picture
• Color, cut out, and glue the pictures that match the beginning sound
• Trace the letters and write the letters on their own

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