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This secret code activity will get your little investigators spelling CVC words by identifying the beginning sound of each picture to spell the word.

This activity a new and fun way to practice spelling! You will find that this is a super engaging activity and is always a class favorite! As a bonus this is also a great way to review beginning sounds at the same time.

This activity includes:
-50 CVC secret code cards
-50 corresponding CVC picture cards
-A beginning sound reference page for students
-2 options for recording sheets (activity can be used with or without recording sheets)
-5 no-prep practice pages. Can be used as morning work, homework, small group instruction, or independent practice.
-Kid-friendly “I Can” visual directions page to keep students on task and promote independence.

Just print, cut, and laminate the secret code CVC activity mats. It’s a good idea to go over the names of the beginning sound pictures with your students before they complete this activity independently. (Picture names can be found on the teacher direction page.)

Students will need magnetic letters or dry erase makers to spell the word. You can choose to use a combination of vowels or focus on one vowel at a time. (If you’re using a combination of vowels, I would suggest you put only half of the cards in a center at one time. Too many cards can be overwhelming for students.)

Students will say the name of each picture on the secret code mat to identify the beginning sound. They will place a magnetic letter on the mat to show the beginning sound of each picture, therefore spelling a CVC word. They will read the word and match the corresponding picture card to their mat. Optional recording sheets are included, however this activity can be used without recording sheets.

Please download the preview to see what is included in this file, plus see photos of this resource in action!

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