Activity Mats for Math Games and Reading Games


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Make reviewing any skill more fun with these anytime game mats. Whether you’re playing a math game or a reading game with you students, these mats will help keep them engaged and make the activity more fun.


This resource includes 25 game boards that can be used for math games, literacy games, and more. There are a variety of seasonal as well as everyday themes included, to keep this activity fun and fresh. You can have your students use the same board or let them pick their own board.


To use these for math games or reading games:

  • Ask students review questions.
  • If they get the answer correct, they get to cover a spot on their game board.
  • The first player to cover all the spaces wins.


You can also use these for a partner game:

  • Each player will need their own game mat and 20 game pieces to cover their board. You can use mini erasers, plastic cubes, or other small manipulatives.
  • Before the game begins, players will place each of their 20 game pieces on their game mat, one per white circle.
  • To decide which player begins the game, players will take turns rolling the dot cube once. The player who rolls the larger number goes first.
  • Players will take turns rolling the dot cube and counting to determine the number they rolled. They will remove that many game pieces from their game board.
  • Players will continue to take turns rolling and removing until one player removes all of their game pieces.
  • To remove all of the game pieces, the player must roll the exact number needed. For example, if a player has one game piece left on their game board, they must roll a one to win the game.


Note: If you want students to have less spaces for a shorter game, you can have them cover 5 or 10 spaces as “free” spaces before the game begins.


This activity is a print and go resource. Select the game mats you want your students to use, then laminate or slide them in a page protector.


Ideas for Math Games and Reading Games: Students can read or spell sight words, answer addition and subtraction sentences, spell or read CVC or CVCe words, etc. There are letter and number cards included for the beginning of the year games.


Themes include:

  • ANYTIME: desert kids, animal races, fishing, hide and go seek, at the park
  • FALL: apples, fall leaves, pumpkins, turkeys
  • WINTER: gingerbread, penguins, polar bears
  • SPRING: gardening, pond and ducks, bees, rainy weather, kites
  • SUMMER: ocean, beach, pool, water balloons, backyard baseball


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