Short Vowels and Long Vowels {Activities, Pictures, and Practice Pages}


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This unit teaches short vowels and long vowels through display cards, picture cards, sorting mats, worksheets and interactive flap books.

The unit contains 50 picture cards (with short and long vowels at the beginning of the words and in the middle of the words). Picture cards are color coded to help keep you organized! Several sorting mats are also included, to allow you to decide what skill you want to focus on, and so that you can use these activities to teach vowels in several different ways.

Contains 13 worksheets to provide lots of extra practice and follow up activities for students.

Here’s a break down of what is included:
Page 3 – Directions / Suggested Activities
Page 4 – 8 Short and Long Vowel display cards
Page 9 – 19 Sorting mats and 30 picture cards (vowels as beginning sounds)
Page 20 – 23 Worksheets, (vowels as beginning sounds)
Page 22 – Directions / Suggested Activities 2
Page 25 – 43 Sorting mats and 40 picture cards (vowels in the middle of the word)
Page 44 – 48 Worksheets (vowels in the middle of the words)
Page 49 – 53 Worksheets (Short/Long A, E, I, O, U)
Page 54 – 69 Vowel Flap Book (Students sort short and long vowel pictures)


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