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Writing is an important skill to practice daily. This resource makes it easy with 30 monthly print and go writing prompt worksheets that are perfect for beginning writers. Each month includes a mix of seasonal, holiday, and anytime sentence starters. These are perfect writing prompts for kindergarten. You can easily use them in a writing folder or turn the prompts into a journal.

This resource includes:

  • 30 pages with a solid sentence starter (great for beginning writers)
  • 30 of the SAME pages with a traceable sentence starter
  • 30 of the SAME pages without a sentence starter (great for independent writers)
  • An optional front cover for writing notebook or journal
  • A blank writing page for students who want to write more
  • A clickable table of contents

Each page includes:

  • Large writing lines specifically for young beginning writers
  • An area for students to illustrate their writing
  • A themed word bank with illustrations.
  • A writing convention checklist

The writing conventions checklists reminds students to:

  • Use a capital letter
  • Put spaces between their words
  • Stretch out the words to spell them
  • Use punctuation
  • Draw a picture

An optional front cover is included if you'd like to turn the writing prompt pages into a writing notebook or journal.

blank page with lines is included for students who would like to write more.

There are 3 differentiated versions included. One version includes the story starters listed below with related pictures and vocabulary words in a solid font. The second version includes the story starters listed below with related pictures and vocabulary words in a traceable font. The final version includes only the pictures and vocabulary words only (no sentence starter).

Sentence Starters: Students use the word bank to complete the sentence on the worksheet. This version is great for small group instruction to provide your writers with support. Use these sentence starter writing prompts for kindergarten or beginning writers. Both solid font and traceable font versions are included.

Word Bank Only: Use this option with your advanced writers. Students use the word bank to help build their own stories. This version is easy to print and place into an independent work center or folder. These are a great transition for more independent writers.

All versions include a writing convention checklist to support students in self-checking their work.

August/September Sentence Starters:

  1. This summer I
  2. This summer I went to the 
  3. On the first day of school I feel
  4. At school I can
  5. I get to school by
  6. My classroom has
  7. For school I need my
  8. A helper is
  9. At school I like to
  10. At recess I
  11. My favorite way to eat apples
  12. To make apple pie I need
  13. My favorite caramel apple topping is
  14. To make applesauce I need
  15. At the apple orchard I see
  16. Good friends can
  17. My friends and I
  18. In the morning I
  19. At night I
  20. At lunch I eat
  21. At snack time I eat
  22. For dessert I like
  23. I am good at
  24. I can be
  25. I like my
  26. This is my
  27. At home I play with
  28. I like to read about
  29. A scientist can
  30. In the kitchen I see the


October Sentence Starters:

  1. When I grow up
  2. A community helper is
  3. During a fire drill I can
  4. Firefighters can
  5. I stay safe by
  6. In the fall I like to
  7. My favorite fall smell is
  8. In the fall I see
  9. When it gets cold I
  10. When I rake leaves
  11. On the hayride I saw
  12. My scarecrow
  13. At the pumpkin patch
  14. To make pie I need
  15. My spooky house has
  16. To make a jack-o-lantern
  17. My costume is
  18. For Halloween I like to
  19. Something that scares me
  20. The spider
  21. A spider web can catch
  22. At the campfire
  23. To make s’mores I need
  24. I see the orange
  25. If I could fly I would go
  26. I can collect
  27. My super power would be
  28. I went to the 
  29. In my yard I saw a
  30. My favorite sport

November Sentence Starters:

  1. When the leaves fall
  2. Squirrels can
  3. Vote for me because I
  4. In November we honor
  5. If I were a turkey
  6. To catch a turkey
  7. My turkey would wear
  8. The Pilgrims
  9. Our Thanksgiving tradition
  10. On Thanksgiving I see
  11. My favorite Thanksgiving side is
  12. On Thanksgiving we eat
  13. I am thankful because my teacher
  14. I am thankful for my
  15. In the kitchen I can
  16. For dinner I would pick
  17. Inside my pie I would put
  18. My favorite pie is
  19. My favorite way to eat pumpkins is
  20. I can help my family by
  21. When I go camping
  22. My family likes to
  23. I like it when my teacher
  24. I am good at
  25. A good friend
  26. At the store I see
  27. To make a craft I need
  28. I can travel by
  29. In my bedroom
  30. On our table I see

December Sentence Starters:

  1. In December
  2. My favorite toy is
  3. My cookies are shaped like
  4. In the kitchen I make
  5. To make holiday cookies
  6. The best holiday food
  7. My gingerbread house
  8. To make hot cocoa
  9. At the hot cocoa stand
  10. If I played in the snow
  11. My snowman has
  12. In the winter I wear
  13. On a sleigh ride
  14. If I had a reindeer we would
  15. A holiday craft I can make is
  16. At the tree lot 
  17. The elves make
  18. On my Christmas tree
  19. My favorite part of Christmas
  20. At the North Pole
  21. My holiday pajamas have
  22. To wrap a gift I need
  23. I celebrate the holidays by
  24. A holiday I celebrate is
  25. In my pillow fort
  26. My favorite weather
  27. In the woods I see
  28. My favorite forest animal
  29. If I mailed a letter
  30. When I cross the street

January Sentence Starters:

  1. During winter break
  2. My goal for this year is
  3. My New Year’s Resolution
  4. In January I like to
  5. At the ice rink
  6. If I had a snow day
  7. To win a snowball fight
  8. To build a snowman I need
  9. If I were a snowman
  10. If I lived in an igloo
  11. When I make cookies
  12. To make vegetable soup
  13. My hot cocoa
  14. If I had a pet penguin
  15. My favorite arctic animal
  16. In my smoothie I put
  17. If I could fly anywhere
  18. A construction worker
  19. In the car I see
  20. My favorite time of day
  21. I am special because 
  22. At the restaurant
  23. My living room
  24. To make popcorn
  25. At the castle
  26. On laundry day
  27. In my yard
  28. When I go to the park
  29. In my lunchbox
  30. When I wash my hands

February Sentence Starters:

  1. I wish I had 100
  2. I could eat 100
  3. When I am 100 years old
  4. If I had 100 dollars I would buy
  5. On the 100th day of school
  6. If I were a groundhog
  7. The groundhog was late because
  8. On Valentine’s Day
  9. Our class Valentine party
  10. To make a valentine I need
  11. I love my home because
  12. I love my teacher because
  13. Something I love about me is
  14. I take care of my teeth
  15. When I lost my tooth I
  16. At the dentist office
  17. A president can
  18. If I were the president
  19. I am brave when
  20. I show kindness by
  21. My favorite day at school
  22. I help at home when I 
  23. During morning meeting
  24. I have good manners when
  25. When I am sick
  26. If I were an astronaut
  27. To make chocolate milk
  28. Before I go to bed
  29. My favorite fast food
  30. At the bowling alley

March Sentence Starters:

  1. In March
  2. During the spring
  3. On a nature walk
  4. In a garden
  5. My favorite farm animal
  6. At the farm
  7. The farmer
  8. On spring break
  9. On St. Patrick’s Day
  10. To catch a leprechaun
  11. If a leprechaun came to school
  12. At the end of a rainbow I wish
  13. I am lucky because
  14. My favorite green food
  15. To fly a kite
  16. My favorite weather
  17. On rainy days
  18. During the day
  19. I like books about
  20. My favorite place to read
  21. If I could live anywhere
  22. At a sleepover
  23. If I were a pirate
  24. At my shop I would sell
  25. At the lemonade stand
  26. On my sandwich I put
  27. To make pancakes
  28. At the pizza parlor
  29. At the movie theater
  30. To wash a car

April Sentence Starters:

  1. April showers
  2. When the weather gets warmer
  3. Outside I hear
  4. In the spring I smell
  5. When it rains I like to
  6. The gardener planted
  7. I can pick flowers for
  8. At the pond
  9. If I were a bird
  10. My favorite insect is
  11. If I went to the zoo
  12. Inside my Easter egg
  13. If I had a pet rabbit
  14. I help the Earth when I 
  15. I can recycle
  16. My favorite place on Earth
  17. If I could stay up late
  18. When I paint
  19. At the market
  20. To wash a dog
  21. At the golf course
  22. At the skate party
  23. A chef needs
  24. At the snack bar
  25. To make a banana split
  26. On a hike
  27. On the train
  28. A barber needs
  29. To play bingo
  30. To play hide and seek

May and June Sentence Starters:

  1. My favorite part of this year was
  2. This year I learned
  3. I am excited to be a first grader
  4. In first grade I want to learn
  5. On the last day of school
  6. On field day
  7. On Mother’s Day
  8. For Father’s Day
  9. On Memorial Day
  10. For the 4th of July
  11. To keep cool
  12. At the water park
  13. My favorite water activity
  14. If I were a crab
  15. On the ocean floor
  16. In the summer I wear
  17. Over the summer
  18. In my suitcase
  19. If I went strawberry picking
  20. I love strawberries in
  21. During the baseball game
  22. At the lake
  23. If I designed a treehouse
  24. To build a sandcastle
  25. At the barbecue
  26. On my hot dog
  27. To make lemonade
  28. The ice cream truck
  29. At the carnival
  30. To blow bubbles

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