Kindergarten Writing Center Activities Year Long Bundle

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What if planning meaningful writing center activities for Kindergarten didn’t have to be so hard? This Kindergarten writing centers for the year bundle has all your activities designed and planned for you! Handwriting practice, writing sentences, opinion writing, sentence building, writing center posters, and more – it's ALL here!

The skills included in each monthly set build upon each other to take your beginning writers to budding little authors. The activities stay the same so your students will begin to understand the writing routine and thus become independent workers.

Students will be able to work on tracing, handwriting, labeling, making lists, using pictures to tell stories, and using themed vocabulary. Each page has large handwriting lines and ample space for pictures. These activities were designed for students to complete independently.

Here’s a look at some of the activities included:

  • Monthly Journal/Folder covers
  • Classroom anchor charts with sight words, color words, and number words
  • A condensed version of anchor charts for student folders
  • Tons of no-prep activity pages
  • Write the Room: Students will search for the vocabulary cards around the classroom to copy the vocabulary word that matches the picture on their recording sheet
  • Tracing: Students will practice handwriting by tracing vocabulary words
  • Make a List: Students will work on creating lists of school-related items
  • Find and Write: Students will go on a picture hunt, color the pictures and write the correct vocabulary word to match
  • Sight Word Sentences: Students will trace sight words and fill in the blank to complete the sentence (picture clues included)
  • Beginning Sounds: Students will fill in the missing letter at the beginning of each vocabulary word
  • Write and Trace: Students will trace the vocabulary word that matches the picture, then write the word on the line
  • Vocab Mini Booklet: Students will write the word to match the picture on each page
  • Let’s Label: Students will label a picture using a word bank
  • Finish the Picture: Students will complete a picture by adding their own drawings and then tell a story about the picture
  • Draw a Story: Students will use pictures to tell a story about two vocabulary items listed on each page
  • You Choose: Students will select their favorite thing given the choice between two items and write their answer on the handwriting line to complete the sentence, then draw a picture to match
  • Write About It: Students will complete the sentence to tell about a picture using a word bank
  • Build-a-Sentence: Students will cut out the words at the bottom of the page and unscramble them. After gluing the words in the correct order, they will write the sentence on the lines
  • Sequencing: Students will sequence events using labeled pictures to fill in the blank 
  • Fix the Sentence: Students will edit the sentence for capitalization and then write the corrected sentence on the handwriting lines
  • Write a Postcard: Students will color the front picture on their postcard, then write a message and address their postcard on the opposite side
  • Stationery: Students will color the picture on the front and then write a message or draw a picture inside the card
  • Roll-a-Sentence Writing Center: Students will roll a die and record the vocabulary word they land on using the recording sheet. Then, they will draw a picture to match.
  • Sentence Scramble Writing Center: Students will unscramble the sentence cards and write the sentence on a recording sheet.
  • Sentence Builder Writing Center: Students will use sentence starters and vocabulary cards to build sentences, then record them on a recording sheet. 

Students will need:

  • pencils
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pocket dice (optional)
  • pocket chart (optional)

Teachers will need:

  • Some centers require light prep: printing, laminating and cutting. 
  • laminator
  • scissors
  • metal rings
  • pocket dice/cube
  • pocket chart
  • plastic spinner or paperclip/pencil
  • student folders or binders (optional)

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Writing Prompts for Kindergarten Year Long Bundle


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