Where’s the Sound? | Isolating Sounds – Phonemic Awareness Practice



This activity was designed to help students strengthen their phonemic awareness skills by identifying and isolating sounds in a word. These cards work well for small group instruction or literacy center activities.

Inside you will find 6 sets of activity cards and corresponding recording sheets. Picture cards and recording sheets are numbered and labeled to keep you organized. Answer keys and picture names for each set are included.

This resource also includes 10 no prep practice pages. Picture names for the no prep pages are included at the bottom of each page. This way, if you use the pages for homework or leave them for a sub, you can be assured students are using the correct picture names.

To prepare the center activities print, cut, and laminate the activity cards. Print and laminate the “I Can” visual directions page. Print the corresponding recording sheet. Students will need a red, yellow, and green crayon.

Students will identify the letter sound at the top of the card. They will say and stretch the CVC word/picture on the card to determine where they hear the target sound. They will color the circle on the recording sheet to show their answer.

It is recommended that you review the picture names with students before allowing them to complete this activity independently.

⭐️ For similar activities, check out the Change the Sound BUNDLE – which includes activities for changing the beginning, middle, and ending sounds in CVC words.


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