Teen Numbers 11 – 20 | Math Games for Kindergarten


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These math games are a great way for Kindergarten students to practice teen numbers, 11 – 20. They are easy to prep for teachers, just print and laminate – no cutting required! Students will find them interactive and hands-on. Plus, they are meant to be played with a partner or small group which makes them extra fun!

These math games for kindergarten are quick to play and are great for time fillers. They are also ideal for morning tubs or early finishers. Of course you can also use them for math centers too!

This resource includes 12 addition and subtraction games with year-round themes.
⭐️ 3 Adding 10 Games
⭐️ 3 Tens and Ones Games
⭐️ 3 Base Ten Games
⭐️ 3 Ten Frame Games

The directions for each game stay the same, so you can explain once and just switch out the games.

Students will each need a game piece such as a mini eraser or plastic cube for this activity. They will also need a plastic spinner or a paperclip and pencil to make a spinner.

Students will start on the first space in the upper left corner of the game board. They will spin the spinner and identify the number they spun. They will identify the numbers represented on the trail and move their game piece to the nearest space that shows the number that they spun. The gray shaded themed spaces are free spaces.

The first player to make it all the way around to the last space on the game board is the winner. To win the game, the player must spin the exact number that is shown in the last space on the game board.


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