Roll and Spell Word Work Game | CVC, CVCe, Digraphs, and Blends



Give your students a fun way to practice CVC, CVCe, beginning blends and beginning digraphs with these Roll and Spell Word Work Games. There are 28 no prep word work pages included for your little learners to use while practicing their words. 

Roll and Spell is a fun word work game to practice:

  • CVC words-individual medial sounds and mixed practice (10 pages)
  • CVCe words (5 pages)
  • Beginning digraphs-ch, sh, th, wh (2 pages)
  • Beginning blends-l blends, r blends, s blends (11 pages)

To prepare the Roll and Spell word work game:

  • Print the pages or skills you’d like your students to practice.
  • Print this on color paper, slide in a page protector and have students complete it with a dry erase marker.
  • You can also use this as a consumable activity.

Students will:

  1. Roll the dot cube.
  2. Match their roll to the code on the game mat
  3. Fill in the CVC or CVCe word, beginning digraph, or beginning blend to match the picture.

It is strongly encouraged that you go over the picture names before having students complete the page independently. A picture name reference page is included for the CVC and CVCe picture names.


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