Place Value Number Mats {Kindergarten Math: Numbers 11 to 20}


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When teaching young people math, numbers 11 – 20 can often be a difficult concept to grasps. Having a strong foundation in number sense is essential for long-term math success. It is important for our students to develop a deep understanding of individual numbers, their quantities, and how they relate to other numbers. Number sense is developed through lots of practice and exposure.

Good News! This packet is part of a bundle: Numbers 11 – 20 BUNDLE

Here's an activity that will make teaching {and learning} numbers fun, engaging, and hands-on! Plus it is super easy to prep. Just print and slide in page protectors! This resource makes a great morning work tub, fast finisher activity, math center, or teacher table.

This resource includes 8 different types of activity mats to practice teen numbers and place value. These mats are perfect for helping students to practice building the numbers 11-20. The activities will provide students with engaging, hands-on practice as they build the numbers and identify the place value.

Also included in this resource are ten no prep practice pages to reinforce the skills.

These mats are perfect for small group, center work, or to display on a projector and complete as a class. If you’re using these mats in a center, you could use the no prep pages as a recording sheet.

To prepare this activity print the activity mats and laminate. Some of the activities have number cards, print these on color cardstock. Students will need plastic cubes, mini easers, and base ten blocks to complete the activities. Students will identify the number and use manipulatives to build it on the mat.


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