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This Let's Learn Colors mini unit is PACKED FULL of activities, games, and no-prep pages to help students who are learning colors. This bundle is perfect for easy back to school activities, or any time during the year.

This resource will provide your students with fun, hands-on activities to practice color matching and color recognition. This pack ONLY focuses on recognizing and matching colors. Color word activities are not included.

Preparing these activities are also super easy! Most are just print and laminate.

⭐️ Please Note: The activities included in this mini unit are also part of the bigger Let's Learn Colors Big Bundle. Please do not purchase if you already own the bundle.

Here's a look at what's included:

Color Mats: Students will identify the color word and real world objects that are that color. They will use mini erasers, play dough, or other small manipulatives to form the color word.

Play Dough Pictures: Students will identify the color and use play dough to form snakes and make the pictures.

Find and Cover: Students will identify the target color on the mat. They will determine the color represented by each picture. They will cover the pictures that show the target

I Can Match Colors: Students will identify the color of the bear/cube on the activity mat and cover it with a manipulative of the matching color.

Match the Colors: Students will identify the colors on the card and use manipulatives to make a matching row of colors. Students can use bears, cubes, pom-poms – whatever you have available.

Roll and Cover: Students will play with a partner. They will take turns rolling the cube and covering a corresponding space. The game is over when all of the spaces on the board have been covered. The player with the most amount of spaces covered is the winner. (2 games included)

Color Spin: Students spin the spinner and cover a corresponding color space. If all of the corresponding spaces have been covered, the player skips their turn. The game is over when the first player uses all of their plastic cubes. (2 games included)

No Prep Pages: Includes 2 sets of no prep color pages. A total of 17 no prep pages are included.

You can download the preview to see everything that is included.


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