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CVC Sound Mazes was created as a fun way to practice spelling CVC words. As teachers we know that beginning readers and writers need lots of practice as they learn to spell their first words – CVC words. These are a fun twist on worksheets and traditional spelling cards. They're easy to prep, take only a few basic supplies, and are super fun for students. Plus there's corresponding recording sheets included, so you can use these as centers.

What's Included:

  • 120 CVC Sound Maze Activity Cards (Divided into 8 sets)
  • 8 Recording sheets (or use as CVC worksheets)
  • 2 sets of covers – for optional storage
  • Teacher directions and “Kinder-friendly” I Can pages
  • Recording sheet answer keys for easy checking

There are eight sets included: one for each vowel and three mixed sets. To help keep you organized, all cards in the set are numbered in the lower left corner. The recording sheet also includes the corresponding set number.

Prep Work: Print, cut apart, and laminate the activity cards. Print the corresponding recording sheet, optional.  You can use this activity with or without the recording sheets. You can punch a hole and store the cards on metal rings, if desired. Optional front covers are included. You can use the front covers to organize the sets.

Directions: Students will say the name of the CVC word on the card. They will go through the “mini sound maze” to cover the beginning, middle, and ending sound. They will show the CVC word by using magnetic letters or dry erase markers. To record their answers, they will find the matching picture on the recording sheet and write the CVC word under the picture.

It is highly recommended that you go over the picture names with students before they complete this activity independently. To record their answers, they will find the matching picture on the recording sheet and write the CVC word under the picture.

Another idea for use: Generic front covers are also included, beginning on page 59. These will allow you to mix the cards from each set to create several mixed practice sets. The mixed practice sets can be used as a morning tub or early finisher activity.

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