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This resource is packed with 14 color matching activities that are perfect for back to school or any time of the year. This resource will provide your students with fun, hands-on activities to practice color matching, color recognition, and color words. With year-round themes you can use a few now and save some for later in the year. Preparing these activities is also super easy!

Included are 14 different color matching activities to teach and reinforce colors and color words. Unlike the colors centers, these activities do not include a recording sheet. They are perfect for morning tubs, fast finisher activities, small group work, and centers. Please download the preview to see a detailed description of each center.

These activities use basic classroom supplies such as plastic math cubes, play dough, plastic bears, pocket charts, magnetic letters, and mini erasers {if you have them}.

Here's a look at what's included with these color matching activities:

1. Color Mats: Students will identify the color word and then use mini erasers, play dough, or other small manipulatives to form the color word.

2. Play Dough Pictures: Students will identify the color and use play dough to form snakes and make the pictures.

3. Counting Color Mats: Students will identify the color and use play dough to form balls to place on the activity mat. Great for practice counting to 10!

4. Color Word Sort: Students will identify the color of each picture and match it with the correct header.

5. Color Mats: Use these mats to sort the pictures in the activity “Color Word Sort”. You can also use these to have students sort classroom objects such as bears, pom-poms, plastic snap cubes, buttons, or various items from around the classroom.

6. Find and Cover: Students will identify the target color on the mat. They will determine the color represented by each picture. They will cover the pictures that show the target

7. Magnetic Letter Mats: Students will use magnetic letters or dry erase markers to make or write the color words on the activity card color.

8. Color Clips: Students will identify the color at the top of the card. They will clip the pictures that are the target color.

9. I Can Match Colors: Students will identify the color of the bear/cube on the activity mat and cover it with a manipulative of the matching color.

10. Match the Colors: Students will identify the colors on the card and use manipulatives to make a matching row of colors. Students can use bears, cubes, pom-poms – whatever you have available.

11. Color Puzzles: Students will sort the puzzle pieces by color. They will work to put each puzzle together to reveal the picture.

12. Colorful Sentences: Students will use the cards to put together predictable sentences. They will match the color apple to the sentence.

13. School Sentences: Students will use the cards to put together predictable sentences. They will match the color school to the sentence.

14. Clip the Match: Students will identify the color on the left of the card. They will clip the color that shows the target color.


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