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This Let's Learn Color Words mini unit is PACKED FULL of activities, games, centers, and no-prep pages to help students who are learning colors. This bundle is perfect for easy back to school activities, or any time during the year.

This resource will provide your students with fun, hands-on activities to practice color words. This pack ONLY focuses on color words.

⭐️ Please Note: The activities included in this mini unit are also part of the bigger Let's Learn Colors Big Bundle. Please do not purchase if you already own the bundle.

Here's a look at what's included:


Bump Games: Students play with a partner. Each player needs 10 plastic cubes in the same color. Players will take turns rolling the dot cube and covering a picture with a plastic cube. If a player rolls the same word they can “BUMP” the other player off the space. If the player rolls the same word again, without being bumped off, they can add a second cube to “lock” the space. Locked spaces cannot be bumped. The first player to use all of their cubes is the winner. (2 games included)

Roll and Remove: Students will place all of their manipulatives on the game board. They will take turns rolling a dot cube. They will refer to the code on the right. If they roll a color and have at least one cube placed on that color, they can remove a cube. If they do not have a cube on that color, they skip a turn. The game is over when the first player removes all of their cubes. (2 games included)

Color Spin: Students spin the spinner and cover a corresponding color space. If all of the corresponding spaces have been covered, the player skips their turn. The game is over when the first player uses all of their plastic cubes. (2 games included)

Color Cover: Players will roll a dot cube and count the dots. Using the code at the top of the game mat, they will identify the corresponding color. They will cover a matching picture. If all of the corresponding pictures have been covered, the player skips their turn. The first player to cover all of the pictures on their mat is the winner. (2 games included)


Color Word / Magnetic Letter Mats: Students will use magnetic letters or dry erase markers to make or write the color words on the activity card color.

Colorful Sentences: Students will use the cards to put together the predictable sentences. They will match the color apple to the sentence.

School Sentences: Students will use the cards to put together the predictable sentences. They will match the color school to the sentence.


Crayon Colors: You can use this as a write the room activity or have students complete in a center. Students will select a picture card and identify the color word. They will find the corresponding color word on the paper. They will trace the color word and color the crayon to match.

Count and Color: Students will read each color statement and color the corresponding number of objects to match the color statement. (2 activities included)

Secret Code Color Words: Students will identify the beginning sound of each picture to spell a color word. They will record the color word on the recording sheet next to the matching letter.

Paint a Color Word: Students will select an activity card and count each color of paint. On the recording sheet, students will write the color word next to the matching number.

Let's Graph Color Words: Students will count each set of color objects on the graphing mat. They will color the graph to show the total of each color. They will use their graph to answer questions and then spell the color words on the paper. (2 activities included)

No Prep Pages:
12 No Prep Pages to practice color words. Many pages are interactive and use dice or spinners.

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