Build the Number Using Mini Erasers {Kindergarten Math: Numbers 11 – 20}


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When teaching young people math, numbers 11 – 20 can often be a difficult concept to grasps. Having a strong foundation in number sense is essential for long-term math success. It is important for our students to develop a deep understanding of individual numbers, their quantities, and how they relate to other numbers. Number sense is developed through lots of practice and exposure.

Good News! This packet is part of a bundle: Kindergarten Math: Numbers 11 – 20 BUNDLE

Build the Number {Using Mini Erasers} is an activity that will make teaching {and learning} numbers fun, engaging, and hands-on. Plus it's pretty easy to prep! Just print, laminate, cut along the straight lines, then add some mini erasers. If you don't have mini erasers, plastic cubes or other small classroom manipulatives would work as well.

There are four different types of activities included in this resource. Students will use mini erasers to form numbers. This is a fun way to practice counting and number recognition while strengthening fine motor skills.

Here's what's included:

Build the Number 1: This will provide students will guided practice to form the numbers using mini erasers. There are two types of mats included. On one mat students will make the number on top of guided directional arrows. At the bottom of the mat are pictures showing the number quantity. The second type of mat has the same numbers with directional arrows, but at the bottom students can practice writing the number using a dry erase marker.

Build the Number 2: Students will select a picture card and identify the number represented. Students will form that number independently on the activity mat. A number formation reference pages are included.

Build the Number 3 {What's the Number?}: Students will determine the secret number from a series of three pictures. Students will form the number that matches the pictures. A number formation reference page is included.

Build the Number 4: This activity is perfect for introducing numbers in small group guided math. Small mini erasers work best with this activity. Students will use the mini erasers to form the number on the mat.

•You can find the Numbers to 10 version here.

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