Alphabet Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Sort Activity


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This resource includes 26 alphabet activities to help students distinguish uppercase and lowercase letters. This activity works great as a literacy center.

To prepare this activity, print and cut-apart the letter cards. A color and black and white version is included for each letter. You might want to laminate the cards for durability. Slide the cards into plastic pocket cubes also called ”Differentiated Instruction Cubes”. (If you need the letter cards to be smaller or larger, you can adjust the size in your printer settings.) Print the corresponding recording sheet.

Students can use crayons, bingo dabbers, mini erasers, or math cubes to cover the letters.

Students will roll the cube and identify whether the letter is uppercase or lowercase. They will color a space on their paper to record their roll. They will continue playing until all of the spaces are colored. They will trace or rainbow write the uppercase and lowercase letter pairs at the bottom.

If you’re wanting to save on copies, you can slide the recording sheets in a page protector and have students use plastic math cubes or mini erasers to cover the letters.


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