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FUN Back to School Games for Kindergarten

When school begins, many students are becoming accustomed to what a school day looks like, especially since the freedom of summer is gone! Finding ways to get students excited about learning is important at the beginning of the school year (and throughout!). These back to school games for kindergarten provide your students with hands-on practice with important kindergarten skills to keep engagement as well as productivity high at the same time!

Hands-on Back to School Games for Kindergarten

The hands-on games included in this Back to School Games resource will help you build a strong foundation as you begin implementing math and literacy centers into your daily routine while keeping learning fun!
These activities are low-prep and perfect for the beginning of the year.

Number Order

Students use the spinner to choose a picture. Then, they find the picture on the recording sheet that matches and fill in the missing number. This activity is perfect for practicing numbers order to 5.

Counting Practice

This activity provides your students with counting practice and tracing practice all in one activity. Your students will roll the dot cube, counting the number of crayons shown, and then find a matching number on the recording sheet. They will then trace the number.

Five Frame Practice

Begin helping your students develop number sense and counting with this Five Frame Roll activity. Your students will roll a dot cube to choose a five frame. Then, they will count the number in the five frames on the dot cube and find a matching number on their recording sheets. They will color in the apples on the recording sheet.

2D Shapes Practice

Students will roll the dot cube to choose a shape. Then they will choose the shape that matches on their recording sheets and color it in with a crayon.

Number Writing Practice

Give your students practice with numbers 1 to 5 with this activity. Students will spin the spinner to choose a number. Then they will find and trace the matching number on their recording sheets.

Tally Mark Practice

This activity allows your students to practice counting and identifying numbers using tally marks. Students will spin the spinner and then find the corresponding number on their recording sheet and color it in.

Letter, Word, or Number

Students will spin the spinner to choose either letter, word, or number. Depending on what they color, they will color in the book on their page that falls under that category.

Beginning Sounds

To practice beginning sounds, students roll the dot cube to choose a letter. Then, they choose a picture on their recording sheet that begins with that letter and color it.

Rhyme Time

For this activity, students will spin the spinner to choose a picture. They will then choose a crayon of the same color. Students will color the picture that rhymes with that color crayon.

Letter Matching

Check out the Back to School games resource here! This math and literacy bundle contains over 100 activities made just for Kindergarten. Skills progress as the year goes on. 
Thanks for reading along as I share all the back to school games for Kindergarten that I love!

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  1. When I clicked on the link to open your It's All Fun and Games series, the TPT page said "We looked around and couldn't find the page you asked for." I was thinking I would use your spinner with the different writing utensils to have the students practice writing their sight words.

    1. hi Alison, I'm sorry, but I don't have a way to break the packet apart and sell just one activity. I do have the files posted separately in my shop where you can just get the literacy activities. Hope that helps. 🙂

    1. Aww thank you so much, Jenn! I'm so glad so loved the ideas!!! The kids love calling the little bears the "passengers". They even walk the kids to the bus like they are getting on board. So cute! Thank you for sharing on your Facebook page! 🙂

    1. lol You're right! It does change! We've had to reschedule plans a few times because of it. But that's okay… Wisconsin is such a beautiful state, especially in the fall.

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